Acupuncture Therapy: A Completely Natural Method of Healing the Body

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Acupuncture Therapy: A Completely Natural Method of Healing the Body

Your body is an amazing series of living systems and processes that work together to patch of injuries and speed recovery along. Acupuncture hones in on the body’s natural need to repair itself and pushes its natural processes to provide recovery and relief. The process is entirely natural, using the chemicals and process the body creates on its own instead of introducing any foreign elements. The acupuncturist uses needles to stimulate a series of nerves and when done correctly by professionals the body itself continues on to do the rest of the work.

In this article, you’ll learn and discover about acupuncture therapy, a completely natural method of healing the body.

Touching a Nerve

nerve pain

Acupuncture needles are small and thin, designed for minimum feeling while providing the full effect. The needles are expertly inserted into the skin, precisely aimed at nerves and pressure points in order to capture the full attention of a body’s internal systems. The shallow needle insertion makes the body assume that there has been an injury and the result is an increase in blood flow and natural chemical production. Acupuncture uses the needles as a beacon for the body to focus its recovery process on, which creates an important opportunity to help heal certain issues.

Acupuncture therapy is able to help issues that rack the body such as chronic pains, aches, and headaches. Issues that remain unresponsive to traditional medicine may respond better to acupuncture’s more natural method of healing. The needlepoint insertions simulate energetic meridians, which signal the brain to act and activate any healing processes. Internal bodily processes are able to help with blood pressure, sprains, pains, and mental health issues as well.

Body and Mind


As the shallow needlepoint insertions throughout the body simulate the energetic meridians, the brain releases various chemicals in response. Endorphins are the most commonly produced chemical the body creates in response to injury, acting as a natural painkiller. Endorphins are completely natural and relieve both the body and the mind. Acupuncture therapy has proven positive effects on problems such as:

Stabilizing Emotions

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While many mental issues occur naturally, those stemming from pain are often the cause of severe emotional issues. When the body is experiencing consistent pain then the toll it takes is more than just physical. Pains mental and emotional degradation has a huge impact on your ability to live comfortably day to day. Consistent physical discomfort often leads to depression, anxiety, weight gain, and insomnia. Luckily, acupuncture is able to provide relief to the body and lower the emotional toll of chronic pain.

Stimulated energizing meridian lines cause the brain to release endorphins and increases blood flow. The increased blood flow has a variety of effects including decreased blood pressure, lower heart rate, and muscle relaxation. Revitalized blood flow eases chronic pains and the body itself releases its stress. Acupuncture therapy is able to provide relief and release that keep various injuries or developing issues from becoming worse over time.

Acupuncture Therapy and Natural Recovery


When you need pain relief and a more natural method of healing then your body’s own internal processes are incredibly capable of helping recovery. Acupuncture techniques capitalize on your body’s ability to heal itself without using any risky drugs or medication. The therapy uses the naturally occurring chemical within your own body in order to provide some much-needed recovery and relief.

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