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10 Skin Care Tips That Will Save Your Skin

Skin Care: 11 Tips for Healthy Skin

Some people are born with gorgeous skin, but many of us have to invest time, effort and money to help our skin be the healthiest it can be. For those of us who need to work at it, every tip we can get that helps us get clean, clear, glowing skin is eagerly anticipated. To help you achieve the kind of skin you desire, we're offering 10 skin care tips that can help save your skin from blemishes, oil and more. Enjoy! Spend more time exfoliating Exfoliation is important to help clear away the dead skin cells on your face, but you don't want to be too rough on your skin. Instead of exfoliating harder and potentially irritating your skin, try using your exfoliating product for a longer...


How to Keep Your Skin Hydrated in the Cold, Dry Winter Months

There is no doubt that winter can be a lovely and serene time of year, especially if you live in a part of the country that gets snow during the winter months. But for all its picturesque moments, it can also be rather hard on the body thanks to the cold, harsh, dry temperatures that can feel as though they are sucking every ounce of moisture from your skin. The radiant, glowing, plump, and soft skin that you may have enjoyed in the summer is often quick to disappear once the temperatures drop. This can leave you with dry, flaking, dull, itchy, and uncomfortable skin. If you’ve decided that this year you are going to take control of the condition of your skin and ensure it...

Where to Find Out About the Top Skin Care Products on The Market

There are so many skincare products on the shelves of supermarkets, beauty based shops, chemists and of course online, that trying to work out which are best for you can easily give you a headache. Buying the wrong items is common, and that is not just a waste of time and money but it could also lead to skin rashes or irritations. So where can you look for advice on the best skincare products on the market that are going to be suitable for you, and within your budget? To help you out we have put together some tips on people and places where you can get both advice and information on the top products you can use to get your skincare routine up and...


Why Does My Belly Button Smell and How to Clean?

Why does my belly button smell? Is it something you aren’t doing right, or is it an infection you should be worried about? Well, from a health perspective, yes, a stinky belly button can produce a foul smell due to a discharge or a medical concern. In other cases, however, it may purely be due to hygiene, especially if one has an inner navel. To break it down to you, let’s take a look at some of the reasons that could be leading to your belly button smelling, and, of course, what you can do about it. 1. Body Shape One of the main reasons a belly button releases a foul smell is because of the body shape. How? Well, it’s simple. People with larger bellies tend to...