What Essential Oils Is Good for Bruises {+Recipes to Help Bruises Heal Faster}

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What Essential Oils Is Good for Bruises {+Recipes to Help Bruises Heal Faster}

Essential Oils for Bruises

Black Pepper

Black pepper essential oil is warming and pain relieving making it a wonderful oil to apply to soft tissue injuries like bruising and areas where edema is present. Followed by a cold compress allows the broken capillaries to release stagnant fluid which helps accelerate healing.


Cypress essential oil, in my opinion, is one of the best oils for moving stagnant fluids in the body. Not only is it great for diminishing premenstrual bloating, but it’s also an amazing remedy for swollen painful joints, poor circulation, varicose veins, and of course, bruises! Cypress is an amazing oil for any traumatic soft tissue injury because it moves and disperses fluid quickly and effectively. After just one application before bedtime, your bruise will be much better if not gone altogether!


Geranium essential oil is well known for its skin healing benefits. Applying it to a bruise will speed up recovery, decrease swelling, and alleviate pain. It is slightly warming making it perfect for dispersing fluid.


Helichrysum essential oil is one of the most potent healing oils for injuries. If I have any on hand, I always reach for it first because of how quickly it works for stubbed toes, cuts, scrapes, abrasions, and bruises. It’s a wonderful oil for repairing damages cells and speeding up healing.

Hyssop essential oil is a favorite of mine. It’s warming, pain relieving, and helps move stagnant fluid away from swollen injuries. I have healed a bruise in just a couple days using hyssop essential oil.


Lavender essential oil has an amazing affinity for healing the skin. It encourages cells to repair and regenerate themselves and supports deep healing in soft tissues. It reduces inflammation and helps swollen injuries release stuck fluids making lavender great for treating bruising.


Lemongrass essential oil is one of my absolute favorites for promoting and increasing healthy circulation. When we get bruised, circulation in that area gets compromised which is why the blood pools beneath the skin. Using an oil like lemongrass is a great way to help drain a bruise.


Myrrh essential oil is a potent regenerative oil for the skin and its surrounding soft tissue cells. Not only does it accelerate healing, but it also helps cells regenerate correctly which helps prevent scarring. It’s warming qualities help bruises drain while gently alleviating pain.


Yarrow essential oil is a very interesting oil indeed. It has an amazing affinity for all types of wound healing and has properties on both sides of the healing spectrum. Also, It can stop bleeding almost immediately yet can increase circulation. It can be warming for cold pain conditions like achy joints or it can be warming to help drain swollen injuries. Yarrow is a very versatile oil and is definitely worth having if you can find it.

Essential Oil Recipe for Bruises  & Inflammation

Several essential oils can contribute to faster healing and reduced inflammation to make that bruise disappear faster. You can mix essential oils you have on hand that work well to fight bruises. This video offers one solution for a bruising blend of essential oils.


You will need

Your choice of essential oils that work well against inflammation and bleeding. This includes:


Combine whichever essential oils you would like to use and massage very lightly into the bruise. You can do this several times a day and see a noticeable difference the next day.

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