Treating Anxiety and Stress with Hypnotherapy

Treating Anxiety and Stress with Hypnotherapy

Nowadays, hypnosis is used for many purposes. Most recently, it acts as a boon in treating the issues related to mental health. It is the mainstream alternative for the treatment of the patients dealing with mental health and problems such as anxiety. Hypnotherapy was in much use in the ancient times, but with the advancement in medical science and technology, there has been a new dimension added to it, and specialized treatment procedures have been added to treat patients who suffer from hyperactive bouts of anxiety disorder. What is the Trance state in hypnotherapy? In the process of hypnotherapy or hypnosis, the trance state affects the symptoms of anxiety. People suffering from an anxiety disorder can benefit from anxiety hypnotherapy. It is an alternative form of...


Hypnosis – An Effective Way to Lose Weight and Keep It Off

There may be various reasons why individuals develop negative eating patterns in their lives. It is important to change such negative dietary habits through hypnosis for weight loss. It is a powerful way to combat bad eating habits and replace them with healthy ones. Over-eating due to anxiety, depression or general tendency can lead to obesity which is a harbinger of untreatable diseases. To achieve long-term and fast weight loss, one can use hypnosis. Hypnosis can cure a range of diseases and not only obesity. Being the combination of psychological and physical aspect, it can change the mental state of one undergoing a treatment. The depressed mind or anxious mind is brought to a relaxed state whereby it tends to become more receptive. Once the state...

History of Hypnosis: The Hidden Story

History of Hypnosis: The Hidden Story

Hypnosis History Hypnosis is a therapeutic tool that is just as old as man himself. For as far as we can trace through time, we can find documents of hypnosis being used to heal and bring change. Hypnosis has had many names throughout the centuries, and its usage is traceable to 3000 BC in Egypt. The new and old testaments speak of what can be inferred to be hypnosis. Ancient Romans and Greeks had temples where those who were seeking to heal were induced into a sleep-like trance,  the priestess then interpreted their dreams. Through rhythmic beating and constant chanting together with eye fixation, shamans can produce catalepsy in the body, and this creates an illusion that helps the shaman give the appearance of having magical...


Why Hypnosis Can Cure Anxiety Caused By Terror-Related Events

PUBLISHED IN THE HUFFINGTON POST Ongoing terrorism, especially the indiscriminate kind targeting unarmed civilians is a real threat and a rapidly growing concern today. Richard Barker, a Professional Hypnotist with offices in New York and Orlando, has seen a remarkable increase in those seeking help with panic attacks and the stress and anxiety associated with constant fear of potential terrorist threats. Psychological distress associated with these perceived threats is more real today than ever before. Barker said “Hypnosis is a truly effective means of treating these issues. More and more people are seeking out hypnosis as a remedy to this high level of anxiety caused by the recent attacks. It is clear that some people have an absolute fear and display anxiety that manifests itself in changed...

How To Remove ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION Using Hypnosis

How To Remove ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION Using Hypnosis

By Richard Barker How To Remove ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION is a fascinating and rewarding subject with amazing results. Erectile dysfunction is very common, affecting about one in ten men, and is one of the most commonly treated sexual problems in my office today. Erectile dysfunction issues that can be resolved include but not limited to: Impotency – a difficulty in obtaining or maintaining firm erections Libido – your libido may have decreased or disappeared Relationships – perhaps you avoid intimacy or your partner feels you’re not attracted to them Sexual confidence – you worry about pleasing a partner or perhaps feel sexually inexperienced As a sufferer, you may be caught in a perpetual loop of anticipating failure to achieve an erection, which in turn brings about the failure and thus...

Hypnosis - What is it and Does it Work?

Hypnosis: What is it, and does it work?

Hypnosis Hypnosis and visualization skills work together when it comes to weight loss and maintenance for your body. Weight loss is all mental, eating, socializing and purchasing the food is all given with a mental thought. So let's say you go out to eat you make a mental decision where to go because the food that is served there. When you go and socialize, Food is there and you make a mental choice of what you will eat. When you go to the market there are mental images everywhere of what you should buy even though it's not on your list. And the most important the choice of food is all mental. We eat what our eyes what we see looks tempting so we eat it. Most...

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