Hypnosis: What is it, and does it work?

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Hypnosis - What is it and Does it Work?

Hypnosis: What is it, and does it work?


Hypnosis and visualization skills work together when it comes to weight loss and maintenance for your body. Weight loss is all mental, eating, socializing and purchasing the food is all given with a mental thought. So let’s say you go out to eat you make a mental decision where to go because the food that is served there. When you go and socialize, Food is there and you make a mental choice of what you will eat.

When you go to the market there are mental images everywhere of what you should buy even though it’s not on your list. And the most important the choice of food is all mental. We eat what our eyes what we see looks tempting so we eat it. Most of our choices are not good because it’s a routine in her mind that it’s OK to just have one which leads to another. Sometimes all we need to tell her mind is now it’s not that hard.

Everyone gets hypnotized 8 to 10 times today and it’s all visual. Her mind does not know the difference between real and our imagination. The old saying is ” it doesn’t taste as good as it looks” because her mind visualizes about how the food will taste on the looks.

Weight-loss with Hypnosis makes your choice is much easier. It’s like having a coach right next to you every time you reach for something that is not good for you. Your subconscious mind actually tells your conscious mind what is right and what is wrong. And if you been eating the same thing, the same way and continue to be like that you have the same habits and patterns when it comes to eating. So why not change that?

Your mind when it comes to Hypnosis likes to see numbers, pictures or any other type of goal setting you have for your weight loss. It’s almost like having a GPS to take you on your road to success. Hypnotherapy is used for weight loss in many ways. For people that need to work out more, health reasons or just to fit in a wedding dress for their special day.

The 7 easy steps on visualizing

  • Focus on what you want to achieve with weight loss. Is it a dress size or a physical number.
  • Find a quiet place no distractions
  • Close your eyes and visualize, how you would look 3 pounds lighter, 5 pounds lighter, 10 pounds. If you have a picture of yourself at that size put it somewhere like the bathroom mirror, your wallet whatever is that you think you will get the visual.
  • Picture yourself somewhere where you feel comfortable. Example – “allow yourself to be sitting on the beach and the waves are rolling in, rolling out and you find yourself so freely and every way that comes in in every way that goes out takes a few pounds away from you feel lighter, thinner and finally feel happy with yourself”. Picture this in your mind and you start feeling it because your mind believes it.
  • Allow yourself that every time you look in the mirror you see if dinner you and you start making better choices
  • Write down three things that you want to change like fewer carbs, no sugar, work out three times a week and anything else that you feel it’s important to you.
  • The most important fact- put a number down in order to achieve this number your mind needs direction. So let’s say you want to lose 20 pounds you tell your mind I’m going to lose 20 seems like a lot. If you tell your mind 3 pounds or five it’s more obtainable. The best way to do this is let’s say your 160 you want to go down to 140 you put down 155 and allow it to start to work l, once your mind reaches 155 be glad to give you five more in the process starts.

Through all my years dealing with weight loss clients, we have tried so many things in order for the mind to understand and follow direction. Visualization skills are so important for the mind to see it and to believe in you.

You don’t want to lose the battle of where those pounds before you even do it and a lot of times its self-sabotage, you’re so used to not succeeding and following through because you always realize you’re not going to lose the pounds because it’s too hard, inconvenient or just doesn’t work. With Hypnosis it takes you through the steps one day at a time allows you to make the smart decisions and also it gives you encouragement to keep going on to keep it off for a lifetime.

No more disappointments but success. Visualize your way to becoming thin, allow yourself to see you before your eyes and allow it to happen to give yourself permission.

We tell her mind on a daily basis how to eat, what to eat and give ourselves permission to cheat on foods that are bad for us. So why not just change your way of thinking and start staying on the right path visualize yourself thinner and healthier and feel happy and more motivated than ever before.

Written by: Pattie Freeman

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