Why Hypnosis Can Cure Anxiety Caused By Terror-Related Events

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Why Hypnosis Can Cure Anxiety Caused By Terror-Related Events



Ongoing terrorism, especially the indiscriminate kind targeting unarmed civilians is a real threat and a rapidly growing concern today. Richard Barker, a Professional Hypnotist with offices in New York and Orlando, has seen a remarkable increase in those seeking help with panic attacks and the stress and anxiety associated with constant fear of potential terrorist threats.

Psychological distress associated with these perceived threats is more real today than ever before. Barker said “Hypnosis is a truly effective means of treating these issues. More and more people are seeking out hypnosis as a remedy to this high level of anxiety caused by the recent attacks. It is clear that some people have an absolute fear and display anxiety that manifests itself in changed behavior and emotion.”

Barker added, “The most indirect ramifications of terror are the disproportional reaction characterized by feelings of personal and collective fear. I see many new clients that have completely shut down and become isolated. The hypnosis sessions I use can help and even remove the anxiety and fear that my clients feel.”

Police and Military have long used Critical Incident Stress Debriefing and psychological debriefing and have formulated strategies for dealing with PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder).  PTSD is a psychological reaction that occurs after an extremely stressful event.

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Barker, a former Military Rifleman and Police Detective states, “Police and Military organizations should turn to hypnosis and the benefits of removing the anxiety caused by critical incidents. Rather than just post incident briefings there should be non-threatening hypnosis to remove anxiety while embedding suggestions and thoughts of normality. I teach coping mechanisms officers can use as a group and on a personal level to combat the effects of PTSD. We should be utilizing similar tactics in helping those that have been witness to traumatic situations.”

Barker continues, “The public are bound to be scared by what they see and read about these horrific incidents. They will be fearful, anxious, and distressed for a few weeks to months following these incidents. We need to develop interventions that promote resilience and prevent the onset of trauma-related disorders. Hypnosis is the perfect vehicle to imprint positivity when situations cause for such a negative response.  We must create “closure” to any incident in the subconscious mind and continue to “anchor” or “ground” support to those suffering from anxiety as a result of terrorism and these horrific incidents. Feeling safe and secure is of major importance, but extreme panic and fear interfere with our ability to cope. I extend hypnosis as a solution to our negative thoughts and emotions.

The overall life-changing impact of fear and anxiety can be paralyzing. Richard Barker hypnotist advises that “The effects of stress and anxiety can lead to difficulties paying attention at work or school, depression; disrupted sleep and anger towards others.”

While the issue is of security and making Americans feel safe again is a central platform facing the candidates in the current election, just talking about the issue is not enough. Those that have been traumatized by recent incidents throughout the United States, and abroad, are facing a difficult inner tension, one that can be eased through basic hypnosis.


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