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How to Make an Indoor Kitchen Herb Garden — And What to Grow

When you’re cooking a delicious homemade meal, is there anything better than adding fresh herbs? Beyond adding a burst of bright color to any dish, using fresh herbs just tastes better — and many common plants even have medicinal and health benefits that make them an excellent addition to your diet. Buying fresh herbs can become expensive, though, which is why planting a kitchen herb garden is a great idea for most people. While ideally your kitchen garden would be a decent-size plot in an easily accessible location — and as an expert in yard work tips will tell you, growing a garden is a good use of your yard space — you really don’t need more than a sunny window or a small sunny spot...


10 Delicious Herbs You Can Grow In Your Home All Year Long

[embed][/embed] by Sierra Bright Do you have a few favorite “go-to” herbs? Why not grow them in water and keep them close at hand on the kitchen window sill or right on the counter? Water-grown herbs are just as flavorsome as those you grow in the garden. You don’t have to mess with soil or worry about regular watering or changing seasons. Most herbs will be happy growing in water, but those propagated from cuttings are easier to start in the water. Seed-grown annuals like cilantro, mustard, and dill are a bit tricky because you need to sow the seeds in soil or some other medium and then transfer the seedlings to water. Soil to water transition is not impossible, but it may not always work out because...

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7 Wonderful Herbs and Spices That Will Improve Your Health

Spices and herbs will make your food a lot tastier and can boost your health. Regularly cook with these and you end up with meals that are tasty and better health. It is a win-win. The great thing about technology is that it now helps us to prove how beneficial some ignored herbs and spices are for us. We now know about herbal remedies that aid with inflammation and can even treat some serious conditions with natural options as we avoid hard medication. What herbs and spices should you consider? The list is practically endless. However, the following should always come to mind when thinking about what can improve your health. Cardamon This is a pungent, sweet spice that is included in many of the pumpkin spice mixes. It...

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9 Favorite Herbs to Grow for a Delicious Thanksgiving Feast

BY KIM GAMEL, ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED ON HOUZZ Many favorite recipes for a Thanksgiving dinner call for fresh herbs. But instead of rushing to market to find what you need, wouldn’t it be nice to just step outside your door? Fresh herbs not only pack a more flavorful punch than their dry counterparts, but they are easy to grow in containers. Stock up on your favorite Thanksgiving herbs now to have a fresh supply when it's time to cook your turkey. Many nurseries and even grocery stores have good-sized herb plants in 4-inch pots to put on your patio or a sunny windowsill. Inspired to start a long-term herb patch? You'll also find planting info below to create an outdoor kitchen garden with fall's favorite flavors when the...

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4 Medicinal Herbs You Can Grow in Your Garden and Their Benefits

Growing and using medicinal plants has been a practice for centuries and lately, it has gain popularity as an alternative method to commercial drugs. The benefits of growing your own medicinal garden are the reduction of dependence or ideally elimination of the need for pharmaceuticals. But before you start you should scroll through to discover which are the herbs you want to grow in order to enjoy its the health benefits. Before you start There are many plants that require the expertise of health professionals or experienced herbalist. Some herbs such as  Digitalis purpurea also called foxglove has a positive effect on heart function only when a cardiac drug called digitalin is extracted from it while ingesting any part of the herb itself can induce nausea and...

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How to Dry Herbs for Tea: 7 Easy Steps To Make Herbal Tea

When a person is fond of teas, nothing in the world can make him feel better than his favorite drink. I have seen dozens of people who try different types of tea and put many efforts to maintain their hobby or passion related to it. One of them is to grow and sustain the herbs to make their own flavors of tea. In this article, we will know how to dry herbs to enjoy a perfect cup of tea. Let’s have a look at all the methods explained by tea manufacturers and experts. There is no rocket science in drying. It is a natural and useful way to preserve them for a more extended period. We can dry leaves, flowers, and even stems of some plants....