7 Wonderful Herbs and Spices That Will Improve Your Health

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7 Wonderful Herbs and Spices That Will Improve Your Health

Spices and herbs will make your food a lot tastier and can boost your health. Regularly cook with these and you end up with meals that are tasty and better health. It is a win-win.

The great thing about technology is that it now helps us to prove how beneficial some ignored herbs and spices are for us. We now know about herbal remedies that aid with inflammation and can even treat some serious conditions with natural options as we avoid hard medication.

What herbs and spices should you consider? The list is practically endless. However, the following should always come to mind when thinking about what can improve your health.


This is a pungent, sweet spice that is included in many of the pumpkin spice mixes. It can help you because it soothes upset stomachs. Lab studies also showed that it is really good at fighting inflammation. To make matters even better, it includes high quantities of good minerals, like zinc and magnesium.



Cinnamon is sweet but it is also sugar-free and pretty low in calories. It is cheap and pretty easy to locate in most stores. You can add cinnamon to practically anything if you love the taste. This includes tea and coffee. The reason why we put it on the list is that it can help with inflammation, fight bacteria and fend off those nasty free radicals. In some people, it can even help in lowering blood sugar if you have diabetes.

Chili Peppers

Your meals will get a kick from chili peppers, no matter how you use them, powdered, dried or fresh. You will end up with a boosted metabolism while making your blood vessels better. Scientists believe this is the case because of the presence of capsaicin. This is the compound that gives that spicy taste.


When someone says cocoa, most people automatically think about chocolate. However, this spice does bring in many interesting health perks you want to consider. Cocoa beans are filled with flavonoids. These are antioxidants that were proven to boost your heart health. Also, flavonoids lower blood pressure and cholesterol while keeping arteries healthier.



If you love garlic, here is another reason why you should increase consumption. Garlic includes allicin. This is a very strong compound that was proven to lower the possibility of being affected by heart disease. Those that regularly eat garlic gain help in dealing with high blood pressure and high cholesterol. However, if you want such benefits, the clove needs to be crushed or chopped.



People think that ginger helping with the upset stomach is just a myth but this is completely incorrect. Ginger was shown to have a really strong calming effect on the digestive system’s lining. Nausea can be eased and there are antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that can prevent various damaging diseases, including cancer.



Last but not least, the yellow spice is quite popular at the moment. It includes curcumin, which can reduce inflammation. Also, when you regularly eat small turmeric amounts you can slow down or even prevent Alzheimer’s.

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