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Marriage, Relationships & Sex

The Complete Guide to Natural Healing / Marriage, Relationships & Sex
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Ginseng Sex Drive: Do Ginseng and Saffron Really Increase Your Sex Drive?

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Libido or sex drive, a person’s urge to seek sexual satisfaction, depends on various physical, mental, and environmental factors. Sex drive fluctuates due to numerous factors including disease, stress, hormonal imbalances, problems in the relationship, and many others. When your libido goes down, you can do numerous things to boost it. In fact, a multitude of libido boosters are plants, herbs, spices, and other things known for their medicinal properties. That’s why it comes as no wonder that dietary supplements for sex drive include natural components a.k.a ginseng sex drive. Speaking of these natural ingredients, Ginseng and Saffron emerged as powerful solutions for low sex drive. Is it true? Can they help? You’ll get your answers below. Ginseng and saffron for sex drive Although low sex drive...

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5 Roots and Herbs that will Spice Up Your Love Life

Looking to add a little heat in the bedroom? Whether you are a long-term lover or in a budding new relationship, it's never a bad idea to add a little spice in the bedroom. What is the secret to going from sex zero to sex hero? It may be easier than you think. One simple thing you can do to make you a better lover is getting your hormones in check. Let’s explain. In layman's terms, hormones impact every cell in your body. They affect every major body function and impact your energy levels, mood, and sex drive. If your hormones are out of whack that is going to show in the bedroom. Balancing your hormones is a simple and effective way to help spice up your...