Ways To Make Sex Better Even in Great Relationships

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Ways To Make Sex Better Even in Great Relationships

We have all had positive and negative experiences in terms of sex, and it is that fitting 100% with the tastes and fetishes of a couple is not an easy task. The normal thing is that if there is trust and complicity with your partner, the experience is positive, but sometimes due to inexperience or the damn complexes, it is difficult for us to become uninhibited and enjoy everything we could. So if you want to become an expert, there are several things you can do to improve your skills in bed.

Tell him how much you want him


We are not going to beat around the bush. Let him know how much he turns you on, and your sex life will improve substantially. Nobody wants to have sex with someone who seems to be doing it out of obligation. If you get the feeling that your boy ever thinks about it, look at him with desire and show him that he drives you crazy.

Those who say that the man always has to take the first step do not know what they are talking about. Give it a try some time: tell him how much you want him and take control. You will be able to see their reaction when you take the initiative. Your eyes will fire! For example, try one of these positions to achieve a clitoral orgasm … The more you enjoy it, the more he will do it.

Don’t be selfish


The worst quality you can have in sex is being selfish. Avoid it! Don’t let him do all the work, just as he can’t expect you to do it all.

You have to remember at all times that you are two people involved and that it is not fair to let one take care of everything. There are few things guys hate more than seeing that you don’t feel like it or only think about your own pleasure. The temptation is great but remember, it is as important to give as to receive! If the two of you get involved and try to make the other enjoy, you will end up achieving amazing orgasms.

Trust yourself


Really. It may seem secondary, but it is extremely important: have confidence in yourself. Boys love it! You can’t imagine how a boy turns on to see you move safely in bed … even if it’s a lie!

Even if you’re not sure how to act sometime in bed, take it with a sense of humor. Don’t be insecure and make her think you know what you’re doing. Trust us, a confident girl is something super sexy. Another tip is that you learn to enjoy yourself, the better you know yourself, the more you will know how to enjoy and make you enjoy yourself in bed. These toys can be of great help.

Make him feel special


Making your partner feel special should be your number one priority. The rest of the list is important but less than this. Surveys have shown that having sex with someone is much more enjoyable when feelings are involved.

Obviously, this is not true for everyone, but most of us do think that having relationships with someone who cares about you takes sex to a higher level.

The two of you may have had multiple partners before, but let him know that no one is more special than him and that he is the one you enjoy the most in bed. You will love it.

Stacey Chillemi


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