5 Ways for Men To Stay Healthy After 40

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5 Ways for Men To Stay Healthy After 40

The body requirements change as humans grow older and thus, they need to adapt to healthy habits and lifestyle. The age of 40 marks the start of the best decade for men. However, as this number turns into 41, 42, and beyond, the body starts going through hormonal changes. Some of these changes exhibit mood swings, low energy, muscles weakening, and failing memory. For men, it is the falling testosterone leading to andropause. Keeping up with health is not only necessary for physical wellbeing but also emotional, mental, and social wellbeing.

We are presenting here some tips for men to stay healthy after 40.

healthy food

Eat healthily

It is essential to include foods loaded with antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins in your diet. A clean diet rich in nutrients helps regulate bowel movements and reach a healthy weight. Foods brimming with antioxidants such as grains, beans, and green tea are wonderful to keep up your blood pressure and counteract cardiovascular diseases. When you feel tired during the evening, choose to eat whole foods rather than going after caffeine or sugary foods. Cut calories as well. Donuts, soda drinks, pizza, ice cream, pastries, and many of their likes only offer empty calories and provide no nutritional value.

Healthy Digestion

Ace your tests

Age 40 is the ideal time to get your screening tests done and become regular with it. These tests determine your cholesterol, diabetes, blood sugar, and blood pressure scores. Make sure you talk to your doctor and work out an appropriate course in case your tests do not pass with flying colors.

Take care of your sexual potential

Men reaching 40 often have to face erectile dysfunction (impotence). This is the result of hormonal imbalances leading to stress, anxiety, and tiredness. If the condition keeps reoccurring, then the person should visit a GP. Possible treatments of erectile problems depend on the cause. Doctors prescribe either medicines or hormone replacement to counter the dysfunction. In addition to taking a doctor’s prescription, one should also change his eating habits and lifestyle. Losing weight, quitting smoking, eating a healthy diet, exercising daily, reducing alcohol drinking, etc. are some of the lifestyle changes that may be important to counterbalance the ED. Doctors usually prescribe sildenafil (known as Viagra) to treat erectile dysfunction. There are similar other medicines such as tadalafil, generic vardenafil, and avanafil that offer the same treatment. According to Potenza, their are ways to help erectile dysfunction so you can experience a hard erection and enjoy healthy sex life.


Keep up your strength

To prevent muscular shrinkage, add weights to your exercise routine. Strength training is considered more favorable than cardio as it helps retaining muscle mass, reduces arthritis symptoms, and prevents diabetes.


Increase your calcium and protein intake

It is important to pump up your protein and calcium consumption as your muscles shrink. Make sure to consume 20 to 30 grams of proteins in every meal. Similarly, calcium is important to help maintain bone density and avoid osteoporosis. Thus, it is vital to consume 1000 to 1200 mg of calcium or three servings of dairy, daily.

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