What to Do When the Relationship Is Great but the Sex Isn’t

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What to Do When the Relationship Is Great but the Sex Isn’t

Time passed, the relationship is great, but sex life is no longer satisfying? Don’t give up, because it’s possible to reverse the situation. If both are willing, some tips can deepen intimacy. We have listed some suggestions, check below:

Use the intimacy you’ve built up


Rather than trying to go back to an earlier stage when everything was new and exciting, deepen the intimacy you already have. Give flowers, massage your feet, praise.

Start with yourself


If you want to bring sexuality back into a couple’s life, start with you. It’s hard to feel sexually attracted to your partner if you don’t feel right. Work on self-esteem. One tip is to relax. Sit or lie down on the floor, bed, or bathtub.

Pay attention to each part of your body, one at a time, and give them commands to relax. Go from head to toe, taking 10 to 15 minutes to release tension. It’s worth taking walks, dancing to your favorite music. Use positive affirmations such as “I am a sexy woman”. Lock the door, get a mirror and use the vibrator. Make the room more sensual, with candles and music.

Rediscoveries of your own will naturally extend to the relationship. The aim is to give everyone the opportunity to get to know each other’s body, mind, and heart again, as if for the first time. One of the challenges of marital familiarity is removing the feeling that you know everything about your partner.

Awaken the couple’s sexuality


Reviving sexuality requires the participation of both. If you’re the one asking for renewal, speak up positively. For example…

“I would like to work harder to make our sex life better.” Don’t even think about saying something like this: “our sex is boring, I can’t take it anymore.”

If the partner either responds tentatively or negatively, try not to react. Before interpreting his lack of enthusiasm as something to do with you and your body, consider whether he’s stressed at work, has had a recent loss, is sick, worried. Let her know she’s ready to try when she’s ready.

After enjoying some sensual time together, you might want to take the opportunity to chat. Don’t assign blame, but express your desire. While talking, touch him. Take it easy! The best way to start is with sensuality and not sexuality. Play, kiss, exchange caresses. Visualize what would happen if you could go back to the first date and try to recapture your initial feelings.

Runaway from what doesn’t work


Some attitudes may seem like good bets, but they only get in the way. Check out what definitely doesn’t work below:

1 – Ignore problems. If they are not “treated”, they only get worse;

2 – Seek marital happiness in the idea of ​​becoming great friends without sex. Of course, there are times when one partner may be less interested in sexual intercourse (menopause, unemployment), but eliminating the act forever can weaken the relationship unless it’s a decision made by both of them due to illness or another reason. mutually acceptable;

3 – Having an affair. It can aggravate feelings of abandonment or distrust, which should already be present if sexuality is absent or not very present;

4 – Just add a little variety or novelty. Buying sexy lingerie, sex toys, or trying new positions can provide temporary fun and relief, but it can aggravate the sexual slump that follows, especially if you feel pressured by the other.

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