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How to Live A Healthy Life With Positive Energy

Energy is something that envelops people. However, it isn’t something you can physically grasp. Energy is a series of attributes, such as happy, excited, optimistic, and kind. It’s these positive attributes that contribute to positive energy. People who find inner peace attract positive energy vibes. It’s a state of mind that allows people to lead happier, more fulfilled and healthier lives. Finding your positive energy is learning to balance your mind when facing problems. In contrast, dark or depressing energy makes people feel sad or anxious, thus contributing to how they feel in life. This article will give you some more information about what positive energy entails and how it affects one’s life. Attracting good energy Attracting positive energy is an art form in a way. There...


101 Wellness Tips

Wellness is the dynamic process of working toward achieving your maximum potential in each dimension of wellness. Dimensions of wellness include social wellness, occupational wellness, spiritual wellness, physical wellness, intellectual wellness, financial wellness, and community and environmental wellness. All aspects of wellness are intertwined. Small, simple changes to your everyday habits can make a big difference in how you feel, look and function. For example, exercise is not only heart-healthy, it also reduces stress. Although we will never be able to eliminate the stress of life, research shows that it’s how we deal with stress that counts. The goal isn’t perfection: its balance. Try incorporating some of the tips found here and feel the difference! The links below provide suggestions for activities that contribute to wellness, including...

Healing from the Inside Out - Writing Therapy for Childhood Traumas

Healing from the Inside Out – Writing Therapy for Childhood Trauma

I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) in my late thirties and lost not only my mobility but also the normal energy levels I needed to maintain a successful career. I had to close down my business and stay at home until I finally found an effective therapy which turned my life around. This “treatment” involved writing about the trauma of my childhood and off-loading the accumulated stresses of life onto a blank page every morning. It was simple and yet deceptively powerful; I started to feel the benefit almost immediately as symptoms reduced and energy levels soared. Since then I’ve discovered that writing therapy (also known as expressive writing or journaling) has the backing of many doctors and psychologists. Its healing effects have been measured scientifically,...

Powerful Steps To Become A Positive Thinker In Life

Powerful Steps To Become A Positive Thinker In Life

Positivity is infectious. When you’re around positive people you start to feel as if you can take on the world, like you can do anything. However, thinking positive in life isn’t as easy as some may believe it is. It takes time to rewire your mind to think positive over the hardest of situations. If you’ve always been pessimistic in your life and you want to change it around and start to be the optimistic friend or family member, this expert guide will give you the powerful steps to become a positive thinker in life. Let’s get started. Ways To Bring Positive Thinking In Your Life Understand All Problems Come With A Solution During life, you’ll encounter many challenging and sometimes overwhelming problems that you may feel as...

Mind The Supreme Healer

Mind The Supreme Healer

The first aspect of one’s consciousness is the conscious mind or objective mind. It is the mind which perceives sense objects and self-perceives its own thoughts and emotions. If one uses it with presence and awareness, it becomes the guardian at the door of the subconscious mind, ensuring that only wanted and empowering messages are allowed through. The subconscious mind on the other hand, is an incredibly powerful program that runs every aspect of one’s life automatically and without any need for any conscious input. In the subconscious mind are stored all one’s beliefs about reality and all the habitual tendencies which manifest as intuitions, tendencies to feel joy and sorrow and to react in a certain way to any given event. Basically all aspects of one’s waking...

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