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Mind The Supreme Healer

Mind The Supreme Healer

The first aspect of one’s consciousness is the conscious mind or objective mind. It is the mind which perceives sense objects and self-perceives its own thoughts and emotions.

If one uses it with presence and awareness, it becomes the guardian at the door of the subconscious mind, ensuring that only wanted and empowering messages are allowed through.

The subconscious mind on the other hand, is an incredibly powerful program that runs every aspect of one’s life automatically and without any need for any conscious input.

In the subconscious mind are stored all one’s beliefs about reality and all the habitual tendencies which manifest as intuitions, tendencies to feel joy and sorrow and to react in a certain way to any given event. Basically all aspects of one’s waking and dream life.

The subconscious mind cannot distinguish between what is real and what is imagined, it responds automatically through the “Law of Cause and Effect and the Law of Vibration” with instincts and habits which are manifested into one’s waking life.

It represses memories with unresolved negative emotions, the memories get buried, yet the beliefs, feelings, and emotions associated with them are able to control one’s reactions.

The subconscious works with symbols and associations, and it processes everything in the first person. For example whenever one criticizes, judges and projects negative thoughts and feelings onto others, one often experiences that negativity as one’s own, which in due time manifest in one’s physical dimension.

This is the reason why one should try to refrain from wishing others any negative motivated conditions, as, by law, these conditions will bounce back in due time to its source.

The subconscious also works with the principle of least effort by following the path of least resistance, like all nature does. Without a proper and purposeful direction from one’s conscious mind through the presence of awareness, it follows the easiest, but sometimes more negative path of one’s habitual tendencies.

There is no future or past in the subconscious mind, since it can only process the present time, all stored experiences are processed in the ever-present ‘now’ of one’s life.

As an example, the whole of mind can be compared to an iceberg floating in the ocean, consciousness is the tip of the iceberg, consisting of information and stimuli of which one is aware. The subconscious is the deep underside of the mind, recording and processing information continuously and connecting the individual to the all-embracing Mind of Pure Being.

The Power Of Concentration And Presence

Concentration means ‘to bring to a center’ and is the best of mind’s tools. It can be defined as the undisturbed power of subjective attention over an object of consciousness. Once mastered, concentration is called the presence of mind and can also serve the purpose of focusing the mind for a specific purpose.

Concentration may be developed by practice and many methods exist in the West and especially within the Eastern spiritual traditions. One example is the meditation which focuses on the breath employed by practitioners of Buddhism and Hinduism.

In fact, the term meditation can sometimes have the same meaning as what in the West is known as concentration, or we could also say that meditation is the practice to develop undistracted concentration or undistracted presence of mind.

After having mastered undistracted concentration with a physical (for example a flower) or a non-physical object (for example breath), one’s focus of concentration will shift to one’s now peaceful mind or consciousness itself. The mind will be concentrating on mind itself until a state undistracted by any movement of thoughts or emotions is achieved which is then called ‘undistracted presence of mind’, or ‘abiding in the present moment’.

In a nutshell, the whole process of concentration or meditation consists in fixing the attention upon something which can be physical, non-physical, or one’s own consciousness itself and being able to hold it there without being distracted by wondering thoughts or emotions.

Once mastered in practice sessions, undistracted concentration is then carried into all daytime activities and it is called ‘abiding in the present moment’ or, as in the words of Eckhart Tolle, ‘the power of now’.

How To Develop Concentration And Presence Of Mind

There are virtually infinite possible different methods to develop concentration and presence of mind, and they all achieve the same purpose. A simple method would be to hold the mind in a ‘one-pointed’ way upon an object of attention, which could be a material object like a flower (or anything pleasing to the eyes) or an internal non-physical object like the breath, for example.

In the case of the breath, one would concentrate in a ‘one pointed way’ on the inhaling and exhaling process without altering or modifying it.
In case one focuses on an external object like a flower instead of the breath, one should be aware that concentration does not mean ‘staring’ at something but it consists in fixing and holding the mind, not the eyes.

By applying any of these two methods, one will very soon start noticing how many distracting thoughts and emotions can carry one away from the object of concentration.

The practice then simply consists in gently bringing back the mind to the object of concentration over and over again, without following nor rejecting those distracting thoughts and emotions, until one is able to effortlessly direct the focalized mental power of concentration upon whatever object, concept or aim without distraction.

Eventually, after having mastered concentration upon a physical (or non-physical object like the breath), one will be able to train in concentration upon one’s own mind as an object. This entails ‘remaining’ peacefully present to one’s own mind or consciousness while staring into empty space. In this case the mind becomes ‘the object’ of mind’s concentration until a totally peaceful, aware and present state of mind is achieved.

The final result of all these practices is that one is able to carry this new acquired skill of peaceful undistracted presence into all daytime activities and carry out any activity or task with total accuracy and without any effort, without generating resistance to what is manifesting in the present moment.

Since all the methods of mental imaging, creative visualization, positive statements and healing methods using mind are based upon the power of undistracted mental presence, the day one achieves control over the movements of one’s attention, is the day one will acquire the capacity to change one’s circumstances, heal oneself from disease and gain control over one’s life.

The power to abide undistracted in the present moment is an indispensable quality of consciousness if one wants to make any spiritual or even practical change in one’s life.

Mental Detoxification And The Power Of Positive Affirmations

Words are the symbols of one’s thoughts and feelings, and a sentence is a combination of thought forms.

Statements and positive affirmations express the existence of the conditions which one wishes to bring about in one’s field of experience. They can help the creative visualizations which we will see later to a great degree, and besides. have their own hidden power.

Just as the visualized mental images are the framework around which the actual material conditions form themselves, the statements in the form of positive affirmations are the pattern around which the visualized mental images form themselves.

One should not say that such a condition will be because that would affirm its lack in the present moment and give a negative suggestion to the subconscious. But, one should boldly assert the new conditions in actual being in the ever present timeless ‘now’ of mind, affirming them earnestly and positively, in the present tense, avoiding all half-hearted statements, for they result in half-hearted results.

Statements should be employed preferably in a state of meditation and concentration and never publicly or loudly to other people.

It is true that one cannot keep evil or negative thoughts from coming, but one can certainly keep from entertaining them. The best way to do this is to observe them, ignore them or affirm their opposite. Just like the best way to overcome darkness is with light and the best way to overcome cold is with heat, etc.

If one wishes to connect and receive particular positive vibrations in the form of thoughts and feelings from others, one should develop a mental atmosphere or vibration corresponding with those vibrations one wishes to receive. If one wishes to avoid vibrations of a certain kind, the best way is to rise above them in one’s own mind and to cultivate mental vibrations opposite to them.

Since the positive always overcomes the negative, positive mental states always overcome pessimistic and negative mental states.

One’s direct experience and identification with the “Expanse of Pure Being” is the strongest and most positive mental state one can produce or achieve.

Guidelines For Mental Detoxification

There are some very general guidelines for mental detoxification that one should follow:

  • Let go of pride
  • Be honest with oneself and others
  • Never suppress emotions or feelings but express them constructively
  • Don’t indulge in negative thoughts
  • Look at things from different perspectives
  • Have faith, hope, and patience
  • Forgive oneself and others
  • Meditate or pray regularly
  • Develop and nurture a pure love for everyone

How To Change Negative Or Depressing Moods Into Positive Ones

The Law of Polarity states that everything has two poles. Everything has its pair of opposites and that opposites are identical in nature, but different in degree, depending on the rate of vibration, the higher the vibration, the higher the position in the scale.

The positive pole always dominates the negative because of the tendency of nature to go in the direction of the dominant activity of the positive pole.

If one finds oneself in an undesirable mood or if one wants to overcome a negative quality, one’s concentration upon the positive pole of that same quality or mood, and the vibrations will gradually change from negative to positive, until finally one will become polarized on the positive pole instead of the negative.

Through the use of the statements and visualizations already explained, one will be able to change one’s mental vibrations and master one’s moods.

Max Corradi


I have graduated with honours in homotoxicology (complex homeopathy) at the Biomedic Centre in London in 2009. I also have a Certificate in applied homotoxicology from the 'International Academy of Homotoxicology', Baden - Germany. I have a Diploma in Physiological Regulating Medicine (PRM) from the International Academy of Physiological Regulating Medicine and a Diploma in Life Coaching from the Centre of Excellence UK. I'm the author of books on alternative medicine and self help. https://www.amazon.com/Max-Corradi/e/B00GXDNOIS I provide telephone and Skype consultations: http://www.homeobiotherapy.com/



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