Powerful Steps To Become A Positive Thinker In Life

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Powerful Steps To Become A Positive Thinker In Life

Powerful Steps To Become A Positive Thinker In Life

Positivity is infectious. When you’re around positive people you start to feel as if you can take on the world, like you can do anything. However, thinking positive in life isn’t as easy as some may believe it is. It takes time to rewire your mind to think positive over the hardest of situations. If you’ve always been pessimistic in your life and you want to change it around and start to be the optimistic friend or family member, this expert guide will give you the powerful steps to become a positive thinker in life. Let’s get started.

Ways To Bring Positive Thinking In Your Life

Understand All Problems Come With A Solution

During life, you’ll encounter many challenging and sometimes overwhelming problems that you may feel as if you can’t jump over. During times like this, it can be hard for you to stay positive with so much negativity in the way. When this occurs it’s important to stop for a moment and understand that all problems have a solution, you just have to find it. In realizing this, you have a better chance of thinking rationally and positively when a challenging situation arise. Remember challenges are opportunities to a better life, you just have to be prepared to use your challenge as an opportunity to bettering yourself. There’s always a reason for everything in your life, you just have to know what it is.

Focus On The Positive In Life

To become a positive thinker in life you need to focus on the positive aspects of life. Yes, there’s going to be challenged, but focusing on the positive side of it can help to retrain your thinking pattern. For example: If you just lost your job that you’ve had for 20 years, instead of stressing yourself about the loss, think to yourself it’s time for a new change and this gives you the opportunity to find something better and more rewarding. Focusing on the positive is crucial to becoming a positive thinker in life.

Believe In Yourself

Belief is a strong and powerful emotion that can help you to be more confident in life. It’s important to start believing in yourself and your abilities to get things done in a positive way. Thinking positive is shared with completing positive actions. By thinking and acting positively in life, you have the potential to live a much happier life full of confidence and self-love for who you are and what you do. You don’t need anyone else to believe in you, you only need you to believe that you can succeed.

Use Positive Words In Your Life

Thinking positive is also about the words that you use and think to yourself. When faced with challenges we tend to think ‘I can’t’ or ‘There’s no way I can do this’. If you find you’re thinking negative all the time, it’s time to put positive words into your vocabulary and thoughts. Some of these words may include, but aren’t limited to, ‘I can’, ‘Yes I will’, ‘I agree’, ‘I approve’, or ‘I believe in myself’. Changing your thought patterns and using positive words can help you to rewire your mind to a more positive mindset. This will help you to think more positive in dire situations. Also don’t be afraid to practice positive affirmation in your life as well.

i can do it

Push Out Negative Thoughts

Negative thoughts will push into your mind from time to time and it can be hard to stay positive. When this occurs it’s important to try and push out negative thoughts as much as possible as soon as they arise. At first, it can be tiresome to push out these bad thoughts, however, if you continue to practice this, in time it will become a lot easier. It will also help you to retrain your mind towards thinking more positive in life which can be powerful for you and your future.


Positivity is powerful and in life with so many negative situations, it’s important to hold onto as much positivity as you can. As you can see above, these simple steps can help you to become a more positive thinker in your life. So are you ready to think positive from now on?


Author: Todd Griffin

Todd is the Director and Principal Psychologist at TG Psychology, in Penrith, NSW. He has over 14 years of experience working with adults and young people in both public health and private practice settings. Griffin has treated people from diverse cultural backgrounds, with a variety of emotional health and behavioral issues, including depression, anxiety, relationship issues, anger, addictions, trauma, and grief. Todd also facilitated a number of group programs, treating a wide range of issues: from quitting cannabis, to social skills training, self-esteem development, and deliberate self-harm behaviors.




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