8 Daily Habits of The Most Productive People

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8 Daily Habits of The Most Productive People

If you’re trying to step up your productivity game, it’s helpful to have concrete, tangible techniques for staying on task. These habits often seem very small, but they can make a large difference in your accomplishments. 

Over the past year, we’ve met many highly motivated and passionate people— and they’ve taught us a thing or two about staying energetic, alert, and productive. Today, we’re here to let you in on those secrets.

In this article, you’ll learn and discover 8 daily habits of the daily routine of successful people and how that person can be you.


They Stay Active


Many busy people struggle with how sluggish and exhausted they constantly feel, despite getting enough sleep. This is often because they aren’t getting enough physical activity into their daily lives. Exercise gets your blood flowing and your body and brain moving! 

By saying this, we’re not suggesting anything too extreme. (Though if this encourages you to try a new sport or routine, that’s great!)  However, when you have a seemingly endless list of responsibilities, it might be sensible to start small. Taking a nice walk after you eat dinner, waking up 30 minutes early to do some yoga stretches, or swapping a bike into some of your commutes will go further than you’d imagine. 


They Keep Lists


By keeping a list, you are helping yourself stay on task in a few major ways:

  • By writing everything down, you’re less likely to miss anything.
  • Having a physical reminder of what needs to get done will make it seem both more present and more manageable.
  • Checking items off of a to-do list is super satisfying (and therefore motivating.) We’d also recommend giving yourself a small reward when you clear your whole list.



They Get Fresh Air


Working long hours can be difficult, even if you love what you’re doing. Standing or sitting in one place for a long time can make a person feel pretty bleary— and that leads to exhaustion and low motivation levels. 

If you’re feeling loopy or sleepy during your day, try heading outside for a breather. If possible, take a walk around the block for some extra airflow. It will do wonders for your headspace. 


They Set Early Alarms


Many people find it hard to be productive in the evening. But there are only so many hours in the day! That’s why we think that waking up early is an underestimated life hack. Not only will you be afforded more daylight hours, but you’ll likely feel a lot more energetic than you would if you were working and running around into the night. 

By rising early, you can make many of responsibilities easier; some errands, for example, are a lot less hectic earlier in the day, when most shoppers are still asleep or finishing their morning routines. You might even be able to beat rush hour traffic! 



They Write in a Journal


Keeping a journal is a terrific habit to get into for many reasons:

  • It is a private and judgment-free way to organize your thoughts and life priorities.
  • It’s a great way to hold yourself accountable. 
  • With a journal, you can track how much progress you’ve made— and give yourself the positive reinforcements you need.


They Follow the “Five Minute” Rule


One of our team members introduced us to a great productivity hack: the five-minute rule. She recommends that, when you have a long list of responsibilities, try to take stock of how long they will take to complete. If anything can be done in or under five minutes (like an email, sending a letter, or cleaning changing the cat’s litter tray), it should be done immediately. It will feel great to check a bunch of items off your list at once— and helps you clarify what else needs to be finished. 


They Stick to Their Schedules


Yes, we know that life is busy and schedules change, but to hit the highest levels of productivity, it’s crucial to be as organized as possible— while allowing for flexibility.  Your schedule might change, yes— but by staying on top of it, you’ll be able to work around those hiccups in a smoother manner. 

Let’s say you’re writing a poster board sign: would you put your words right in marker, or would you draft it out in pencil first? Think of a schedule as the “pencil draw” for your life. Though it might not be as fleshed out as the final product, it provides a stable environment for you to plan and execute your projects and responsibilities. 


They Look After Their Bodies 


Exercise and fresh air are important factors for energy and motivation, but they’re not the only ways you should be looking after your bodily health for productivity. In order to avoid sluggishness, it’s equally crucial to eat healthy foods and never let yourself get dehydrated. Avoiding foods that are packed with sweeteners (which often lead to a short-lived sugar crash,) is a big start, as is holding yourself accountable for staying hydrated.  We recommend setting an alarm on your phone to remind you to drink water every hour. 


They Know How to Fight Fatigue


For busy people, exhaustion is something inevitable. That’s okay— there are quick and easy ways for you to instantly feel energized, alert, and ready to tackle any responsibility on your list. That’s why we love energy shots! They were created to be taken in one swift gulp and work immediately— so you can take a quick shot, and get back to whatever you were doing. 

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