Better Brain Power: Are Boosters Truly Safe and Effective?

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Better Brain Power: Are Boosters Truly Safe and Effective?

If there’s any pill or vitamin available that promises to make you think better and faster, you’d be among the first to purchase it, right? Think about the 2011 American movie “Limitless” starring Hollywood star Bradley Cooper.

The story centers around a struggling author who got his hands on a nootropic drug known as NZT-48, which gave him superhuman skills that allowed him to utilize his brain capabilities fully and vastly improve his current lifestyle. Sounds like a dream come true, isn’t it?

But, if you’ve made it to the end of the film and realized what happened to the main character, you’d think otherwise. While NZT-48 aka the “smart pill” may be a fictional drug, there is a lot of real-life, intelligent people who use brain-enhancing drugs, hoping to fully maximize their mental capabilities.

Perhaps not in the same manner as the movie, but you get the idea. College students preparing for big exams, scientists conducting massive experiments, successful entrepreneurs and yes, the geekiest people you can ever think of are among the biggest consumers of substances that offer increased cognitive skills to remain competitive with their peers.

According to the people who spearheaded these brain enhancement drugs, these substances work in the same manner as using caffeine, which is considered a socially accepted psychoactive substance that helps people feel more alert and focused throughout the day.

Do These So-Called Brain-Enhancing Drugs Really Work?

With the long list of highly educated people who use brain-enhancing drugs on a regular basis, it may seem unexpected to find out that there’s actually a lot of doubts regarding the effectiveness of these drugs. You have to consult your neurology physician here in Provo to validate any medication.

In fact, several types of research have revealed that these substances may lead to impaired mental performance instead of improving it. Healthy students who choose to take modafinil, for instance, may experience slowed mental functions with no noticeable improvement in their cognitive performance.

It can also affect their creative thinking skills tremendously.

brain boosters

Are Brain Enhancers Instilling False Confidence on the Users?

The simple answer is yes, and these brain-boosting pills are capable of giving you a false sense of confidence. There have been several studies that claim that while these drugs are effective in making its users feel like they’re performing better, but they’re not necessarily becoming smarter.

Another study also presented results in which participants who were told they were to receive Ritalin, another type of smart drug, responded better and had increased concentration whether they were actually given the medication or was simply a placebo effect.

Interestingly, when they didn’t know they were to receive Ritalin, there was a decline in their mental performance despite actually consuming the real drug. It’s safe to say that many users of these products believe that they’re actually effective.

It’s not difficult to realize how having false confidence on your own mental abilities may have detrimental effects on both your professional or academic life. Other arguments against the consumption of these drugs are their legality, the side effects especially on young brains, and its connection to insomnia, among others.

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