4 Protein-Rich Foods for Rapid Weight Loss

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4 Protein-Rich Foods for Rapid Weight Loss

People who often go on a weight-loss diet will largely focus on their sugar levels and carbs consumption. This is fairly true and acceptable as these are usually the main causes of obesity and weight gain. The sad thing about it is that people almost forget that there are other more effective ways to be healthy and lose weight.

Today, protein is almost taken for granted by most weight loss program participants. Little did everyone know that protein is not only good for athletes and bodybuilders. Alongside its properties of building tissues and muscles, it can significantly increase the rate of shedding calories and weight.

Research and study show that people who consume more protein on a daily basis are much more apparent to losing weight. This is mainly why you have read or heard about the whey protein isolate since most health enthusiast nowadays is switching their diet plans to consuming more protein.

If you are not that familiar with what specific foods to consume, here are the 4 protein-rich foods that will help you achieve the weight you are targeting:



The number one source of protein is eggs. This is why most muscle-builders are consuming more eggs and white meat every day. Essentially, people would think that eggs are high in fat and cholesterol. Yes, it is fairly true but these properties are not the ones you need to get rid of. These fats and cholesterol are good concentrations that your body needs.

Know that there are good and bad types of cholesterol. However, it is still advisable to take everything in moderation. Too much of something is always bad. Hence, 2 to 3 eggs per day or simply one per meal will do.

Opt for organic eggs and hard-boiled ones. These retain the freshness of the eggs and the proteins that they originally cater. Try to eat them as well with no other ingredients and seasonings included.



Vegetables are good sources of not only vitamins and minerals, but they are pretty much great choices as well for protein-rich foods. The protein content of veggies depends on which specific veggie to eat. Now, as for spinach, it is the most recommendable type of green leafy food to take if you are focusing on your protein intake.

While spinach is very iconic because of Popeye, this veggie is largely prominent due to its benefits to weight loss plans. The protein contents of a spinach are as same as a hard-boiled egg but with lesser calories. Imagine that!

Dieticians would always recommend that spinach must be eaten with whole grains for a much-balanced diet. However, studies suggest that munching on raw spinach is way more effective when intending to lose weight.

Either you consume it raw or blend it with your favorite soup, its powers to make you feel full and help you shed weight will surely still be apparent.

Grass-Fed Beef

Grass-fed Beef

When craving for burgers and meats, you must go for grass-fed meats especially with beef. One may think that the difference is only a little but the truth is eating grass-fed beef has more benefits to your health. Apparently, a lean 7-gram meat contains almost 400 calories and 16 grams of fat. But when you opt for a grass-fed type, you will only get half of the total calories and around 3% of original fat.

Although purchasing this type of beef and meat will cost you more, it will give you better physique and figure. As for the protein contents, grass-fed ones retain almost all of the original protein percentage when being cooked.

If you are looking for leaner and visible abs, this must be included in your meals.



Talking about seafood, don’t let it fool you since the main food to tackle here is white meats of different fishes. Another protein-rich food that you must focus on are the fishes. They are considered to be replacements for your heavy meat cravings.

Halibut, for instance, finishing one meal of halibut can make you feel fuller than the usual. The reason behind is that they inhibit the serotonin production in your body which is responsible for your cravings. When looking for other options aside from halibut, try to go for wild salmons and pacific cods. If you are targeting to lose weight, eating protein-rich fishes is the answer – as long as they do not come from the fryer!

For a more convenient and cheaper option, light-canned tunas can help you with this. They are the number one protein choice for most health conscious people today.

Losing weight can be very challenging. But with the right food, knowledge, and practice – you will surely attain your weight goals in no time. Always remember that “health is wealth”.




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