Five Ways to Get Fit with a Little Help

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Five Ways to Get Fit with a Little Help

When it comes to getting fit, losing weight, and building muscle, self-motivation can be difficult to find. Sometimes we all need a little help to get started and stay motivated in physical activities. Luckily, there are many ways to get active.

Between spending time outside and taking classes, you can find new ways to be healthier and happier. If you don’t exercise, you will feel a lot more anxious and depressed than you would if you worked out frequently.

It’s never easy to get started on your fitness journey, but once you do you’ll feel much better. Below are five ways to get fit with a little help.


A great way to get healthier, lose weight, and build muscle is to hike. If you like hiking, this won’t feel like a chore. Long hikes are great for your body. You won’t be focused on the exercise as much as you will on the route and beauty surrounding you. Go with some friends to a beautiful place and you really won’t be thinking about the workout. Still, if you plan long day hikes and keep your pace, hiking is a great way to get fit and lose weight. For many people, hiking is a joy that happens to be a good workout.


Yoga is another helpful way to get started on your fitness journey. It is low impact, but spiritual. You will tone your body and purge yourself of inflammation and toxins while you sweat. Yoga is like hiking in that you may not be thinking about the workout. Instead, you can focus on your breathing and keeping your poses. Your balance will improve. Your body will feel better. You will feel less anxious. You will be more at peace. You’ll be doing something good for your body and mind. If you need to lose a lot of weight, yoga may not do it for you, but it can be a good start. Yoga is also available in classes, like other forms of exercise.

Take a Class

If you really need that extra push of motivation, you can take fitness classes. There is no end to the classes you can take to start getting healthier. You can take a yoga or a Pilates class. What about weightlifting? Electric biking classes have become very popular. When you simply can’t muster up the motivation to work out, a class is a fun way to do it. You can bring friends so you’re not alone. You can choose the class that interests you. Take a look at what a local gym or fitness center has to offer, you will likely find something you are interested in.

Hire a Personal Trainer

A fantastic way to get fit and lose weight is to hire a personal trainer. A good personal trainer will ask a few questions. What are your fitness goals? What do you want to change? They will inform you about your body type, BMI, and coach you on your diet. Hiring a personal trainer is perhaps the best way to get fit, but you will have to be willing to do what the trainer tells you to do. If you’re willing, a personal trainer will whip you into shape and help you get to your goal weight while helping you build muscle and work on your diet.

Low-Impact Exercises

Lastly, a way to get started on getting fit if you truly don’t have the motivation is to start with low-impact exercises. Burpees, arm circles, and planks are more effective than one might think. The most important part about exercising is that you do something frequently. If you have a hard time running or lifting weights, you should do low-impact exercises every day. Then, before you know it, the harder exercises will get easier.

When you really can’t find the motivation to get started on your fitness journey, these five methods will help you get started. Sometimes we all needed a little help, a bit of inspiration, or someone to hold us accountable. A way to get started is to take a class or hire a personal trainer, but you should do things you enjoy as well. Then working out will get easier and in no time you will be fitter and happier.

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