The Five Gym Machines That Will Help You Lose Weight Fast When Joining A Local Gym

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The Five Gym Machines That Will Help You Lose Weight Fast When Joining A Local Gym

Every gym-goer would definitely swear by just how intimidating gym machines can be the first time they set foot inside the gym. But if your ultimate goal is weight loss, it can get a little more tricky when you don’t know which ones will actually help you achieve your fitness goals.

If you’re still feeling too shy to ask around, here’s a guide to know which machines can be effective for you. But first, know which exercises are the most effective.

Knowing the why’s before the how-tos are ideal for every successful fitness journey. Asking why you should use a certain machine first helps you become more knowledgeable in attaining your goals.

Calorie-burning workouts are the way to go if you want to shed pounds faster. These exercises consist mostly of a combination of cardiovascular and strength exercises. It uses a body’s stored fat and transforms it into energy while boosting the stamina to train the body for more powerful workouts.

These heart-pumping exercises are some of the simplest types, yet highly effective for beginners. Most of these exercises use a lot of energy, stamina and body strength. This includes walking, running, jumping and other cardio-induced workouts.

Now, let’s burn those calories down with these tried-and-tested gym machines that are highly effective to lose weight fast. Matt from Rec Xpress Fitness Centre, Clayton has helped us put together the best equipment to lose weight fast when joining any local gym.


Hop on the Treadmill

This is literally the first machine everyone looks for in a gym– and for good reason. The treadmill can give you the effects of burning a lot of calories just from walking or running. Plus, since it is a very simple machine, you can experiment on a lot of variations and techniques while on it.

Mostly, these simple machines can also track your heart rate and calories burned by calculating the speed and distance versus the time spent on your workout. It’s important to know that running isn’t just leg work– it’s actually a full-body exercise. Running is also one of the best ways to beat workout laziness. Even regular gym-goers prefer to start their training on these machines to wake their muscles up.

Pro Tip: Try incorporating 20-30 minutes of treadmills into your daily workouts. For this to be effective, the golden rule is to challenge your body every day. If you’ve managed to run 1 km for 30 minutes, try adjusting your speed to finish 2-3 km for the same time the next day. Inclining the treadmill also works best if you want an added boost on your running exercise, plus it will burn calories much faster.

Sweat it out on a Stationary Bike

Also called a ‘Spinner’ or ‘Indoor Cycle’, a stationary bike is a lot more effective than you think. Due to its proven benefits and highly customizable workout experience, a lot of gyms now offer classes for indoor cycling group workouts. This is especially enjoyable if you’re a beginner who’s always been too intimidated to try any of the gym machines yourself. Working out with a group can boost your confidence and eliminate the worries of starting your fitness journey.

Pro Tip: Try working out on this equipment first by yourself before joining any Spinning class. It’s important to know which machine you prefer first before committing to it. This will also help you appreciate your workouts more.

Most indoor cycling classes are taken inside a studio with speakers on full blast. This allows everyone to match their pace to the music’s rhythm. If that sounds good to you, maybe you should try enrolling in one.

Amp it up on the Elliptical Trainers

Finding the right machine that will give the combined workout benefits of the treadmill and the stationary bike? Look no further — the Elliptical Trainers is your best bet for that. This machine requires you to workout on a standing position as you move your legs, like how you run on the treadmill. It also allows the movement of your legs to sync with your hands. The legs would have almost the same movements as what they do on a stationary bike.

Pro Tip: This is one of the easiest gym machines that are perfect if you’re just starting out. But this may take a while before you feel its effects. This machine is proven to be effective if you challenge yourself every day on it. You can try out its additional features like its reverse paddle form, which is an effective way to boost your workout experience.

Take the Stair Machine

Train your body to beat the stairs with a Stair Machine. It gives your body the same boost when you go up and down the stairs, or hike up a rocky mountain. This machine also proves to be one of the best gym equipment for losing weight.

This machine works a lot like a treadmill, only it has steps like that of the stairs. It’s a machine designed to work your bodyweight against the pull of gravity. The more your body resist going up, the more effort it should need, thus making all your body parts to move and cooperate during work out. It’s also one of the best machines to use if you’re training for your first climb.

Pro Tip: Make sure to practice on an inclined treadmill first before trying on this machine. Though it works the same, the machine’s moving steps and levels that may not be that friendly for beginners. You may also practice going up and down real stairs so your muscles will develop proper reflexes once you use this machine. Ready to give it a go?

Look good on the Rowing Machine

Most beginner gym-goers stay away from this machine simply because it looks too hard to decipher. Can’t blame them though, because this is one of the most uncommon machines you will see at the gym. But its unpopularity never hindered its effectiveness. In fact, this simple machine brings the fastest results for weight loss training.

The rowing machine exercises your body’s strength while doing cardio. A good 10 minutes in this machine can lose you more calories than long periods on the treadmill or other machines. It’s best for someone looking to level up their cardiovascular training.

Pro Tip: The right form triggers the best results. This machine requires you to master your form for it to be properly effective. If you’re sporting a proper form, a good rowing machine exercise will target your shoulders and back, your abs, knees, and legs. Don’t hesitate to holler for help because you’ll be needing a few tips from a professional trainer.

It’s what works for you that matters

Every fitness journey is different from the other. Allow yourself to learn and be patient while you work hard towards achieving your goals. Be also prepared to feel frustrated or get sluggish along the way. The key is to never give up despite all these.

There’s always a first time for everyone. With a number of gym machines and equipment, trying everything out just to maximize your gym membership can be disastrous and futile. If you’re having a hard time, seeking help from trained professionals is the best way to get familiarized with these foreign-looking machines. Making new friends along the way helps a lot too!



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