Yoga Asanas For Chronic Back Pain Relief! {Infographic}

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Yoga Asanas For Chronic Back Pain Relief! {Infographic}

Is persistent back pain hindering your daily chores and activities?

Back pain hits a large portion of us eventually sometime in our life. It can be caused by accident, poor posture, moving the wrong way, or during our sleep, because position we fell asleep in caused us to experience back strain.

However, while getting older and becoming more susceptible to experiencing back pain experts say that stretching can prevent, decrease, or diminish back pain.

Utilize these poses to lessen your back pain, in addition, to your hips, hamstrings, and inward legs, which can influence your posture and lower spine.

Pain Relief Yoga Exercises

Try some yoga asanas (yoga exercises) that help strengthen, lengthen, and provide flexibility to your spine. No more popping toxic pills or enduring painful therapy sessions.

Here’s a list of Yoga asanas, posted earlier at, specifically designed to relax your back muscles and supporting nerve cells. Allows stretching your spine gently to bring back balance and suppleness in your life.

Practice Tip

  • Regardless of whether your back torment is intense or slightly irritated, talk with your specialist before you begin any new exercise schedule. You don’t want to worsen your condition.
  • In the beginning: Go simple, easing your nerves, brain, and body.
  • Take deep breathes from posture to posture.
  • On the off chance that you feel any strain on your lower back, stop immediately. You don’t want to push yourself and cause your condition to worsen.



Gina Hodge

Gina Hodge Gina has been teaching yoga since 2005. With a background deeply rooted in the philosophy of yoga, her teaching emphasizes awareness, poise, and presence in our postures both on and off the mat.

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