What to Do When Your Child Has Toothache

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What to Do When Your Child Has Toothache

It is perfectly normal for a child to develop toothache at some stage, but it can be a huge worry for parents who don’t know to help when their child is in pain. There are many causes of toothache to be aware of; some of the most common being decay, cavities or infection. With this in mind, you need to know what to do when your child develops any symptoms relating to these issues.

Here are some useful tips to follow when your child develops a toothache:

Ask what’s wrong

If your child is old enough to understand what’s happening, be sure to ask plenty of questions about what may have caused the toothache so you can get to the bottom of the problem. Ask them to describe what the pain feels like and wherein the mouth it’s coming from. Pay attention to any redness, swelling or cracked teeth, because it’s likely that any of these signs will be linked to the underlying source.


Take them to the dentist

If in any doubt, it’s best to seek the help of a dentist who can take care of the problem immediately. If you believe your child is in a lot of pain, ask for an emergency appointment, if possible. If your child has no experience whatsoever of going to the dentist, then you may feel more comfortable taking them to the Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics center where professionals are trained specifically to deal with children. They will be able to perform a diagnosis on the spot and provide the right treatment; whether it is a root canal, filling or even having to remove the tooth.

Rinse with warm salt water

It’s the old-age remedy to clean the mouth out with warm salt water, but it’s a great method to try if your child’s toothache is caused by bacteria. Simply mix a teaspoon of salt with warm water. Ask them to take a mouthful and swish it around the mouth for around 30 seconds. Doing so will ensure any harmful bacteria are killed, which may be the underlying cause of the tooth pain.

Help them brush their teeth

The secret to overall good oral health is giving your child an understanding of how to brush their teeth properly to get rid of food particles trapped between the teeth or any bacteria that may be lingering. Remember to be careful when brushing and flossing, as young teeth and gums are very sensitive. You can also buy child-sized toothbrushes that they can use themselves which are ideal for teaching them how to get into the routine.

Clove oil

Herbal remedies

In desperate situations, you could try using some herbal remedies to reduce your child’s tooth pain. Many natural herbs have been proven effective toothache relievers. However, you will have to figure out what works for your kid when it comes to alternative medicine.

One of the most common herbal remedies is clove oil. It contains eugenol which has natural numbing properties. All that’s needed is to squeeze a couple of drops onto some cotton wool and rub onto the affected area to soothe the pain.

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