Keto-Friendly Fast Food Guide

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Keto-Friendly Fast Food Guide

People on keto have different food options they can pick that are healthy and easy to prepare. However, it’s not all the time you will have the mood and energy to prepare meals, so fast foods seem like a good choice to supplement your nutritional needs. Many have known fast foods as foods that may contain improper amounts of nutrients and important minerals, but this is not always the case if the food is selected carefully.

For someone considering a low-carb diet, here are some foods that are ideal that you could consider:

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KFC Grilled Chicken

Fried chicken is not a healthy choice because it absorbs lots of oil during the frying process. A perfect alternative that you could consider that is suitable for someone on a keto diet is grilled chicken. Many Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) places offer grilled chicken that you could buy. Each piece of this chicken contains less than one gram of carbs and is ideal for someone considering a low-carb diet. Three pieces of KFC grilled chicken would be sufficient when you want some fast food you could take as you plan what to cook later.

Lettuce-wrapped Burger

You could also get a bun-less burger that is wrapped in lettuce. This is a standard low-carb fast food meal that is high in protein, and essentially carb-free. You can find it in many burger establishments. Further customization can be added to the burger to make it more nutritious. Some ideas would include adding low-carb toppings like tomato, onions, bacon, cheese, mustard, and mayo.

Bacon or Sausage and Eggs

Another fast food option you may try when you are on a low-carb diet is bacon and eggs. This is also the simplest breakfast option that you can prepare. The combination of the three ingredients can be found at many fast-food restaurants, and it contains very small amounts of carbs. Additionally, eggs will help you feel full and satisfied longer. This could reduce calorie intake while giving you important nutrients.

Burrito Bowl

Burrito is a favorite of many people. The food typically contains meat, vegetables, beans, and rice mixed in a large flour tortilla. It contains more than 100 grams of carbs if cooked without getting rid of some ingredients. Many Mexican restaurants allow you to enjoy a low-carb version that does not contain high-carb ingredients. This one is referred to as “bare” burrito, which is perfect for someone on a low-carb diet.

Buffalo Wings

Buffalo wings offer a delicious food choice. It is fun to eat and you can get a low-carb option at different pizza places. It all depends on how it is prepared and the ingredients added. Sometimes you can find wings that are battered and fried, so specify what you want while ordering yours to ensure you don’t end up taking the high-carb option.

To enjoy the best meals without pumping more calories into your body, consider this low carb fast food guide. You can still find your favorite fast food options without having to consume more calories. Visit different restaurants and fast food joints and specify that you would like to have a low-carb serving.

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