Joint Pain, Aging, and Arthritis – 4Jointz Cream May Be a Solution for You

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Joint Pain, Aging, and Arthritis – 4Jointz Cream May Be a Solution for You

Written by Kate Durocher

Aging can be hard. New challenges and obstacles arise, health often deteriorates, everyday tasks become more difficult.

If this sounds like you, you aren’t alone. In fact, arthritis is the most common cause of disability among Americans. There are 53 million adults with a doctor diagnosis of arthritis, and an additional 22 million have trouble with their usual activities because of arthritis.

On top of that, more than 100 million Americans live with persistent pain, according to the Alliance for Aging Research.

Going for a walk, playing with your grandkids or even just writing a letter to a loved one can sometimes be so painful for people, due to chronic pain, that the activities they once enjoyed now seem impossible.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

4Jointz Cream

A topical cream for osteoarthritis pain, 4Jointz, is the only one of its kind that offers natural, long-lasting relief from joint pain. If you are tired of letting pain hold you back and if prescription pain meds aren’t working, then 4Jointz may be a solution for you.

4Jointz  cream is a clinically proven (Phase II and III trials completed) natural OTC product, which has been developed with the robustness of an ethical drug. It offers those suffering from pain the combined benefits of a natural solution that’s also backed by scientific evidence.

Unlike other herbal creams, 4Jointz cream uses a novel, patented technology combining allantoin in comfrey with tannic acid and eucalyptus oil.

If you’ve tried any of the pain meds out there, you know that many existing natural products are unproven clinically or don’t provide long-lasting results. 4Joinz cream is different, and users of the cream can attest to that.

Susan Davia spent years in pain after a knee surgery, only to find relief with 4Jointz. “I had pain constantly—going up and down stairs, getting out of a chair and it never really was right. Then I started using 4Jointz and after about 2 weeks the pain went away.

Nothing seemed to help, but this was a big surprise… a positive one. I am amazed at the result,” Davia said.

Another user, Joe Ganim, was able to return to his love of golf after finding 4Jointz cream. “I retired in 2010 from practicing law in Brisbane and took up golf. Unfortunately, after a very short period of time I wasn’t able to play golf due to an old injury, which turned out to be a herniated disc in my back.

I was in quite a deal of pain and in fact booked an operation, and, by chance I came across 4Jointz… the short story is within a week the pain was gone, I have never had the operation and I play golf every weekend,” Ganim said.

Volunteer firefighter Jamshed Bulsara has been using the product for two years and says it has helped him in his work. “I have been able to live a nice, active life thanks to the product,” he said.

On top of 4Jointz being proven to reduce pain, it also varies from other options as it is not a pill that has to be ingested for results. It’s natural, topical and therefore, often the better, healthier option.

Prescription and over-the-counter medications, sometimes called NSAIDs, carry negative side effects, can lead to addiction and also sometimes don’t work for long. These are all risks you don’t have to take when using 4Jointz cream.

“There are so many things on the market that don’t really work very well,” Dr. Brad Hayes explained. “When you get into the realm of nutritional supplementation and over-the-counter type products that are not tightly controlled, lots of times they don’t even have the things that they say are in there.

So, consequently, it’s really important that you get a product that has good quality and that you can reproduce the results with over and over again.”

4Jointz also beats out other similar creams by providing long-term relief, while most creams work to increase blood circulation and therefore offer only a few hours of comfort. Studies on the cream show that it helps reduce pain, swelling and stiffness, increases mobility and leg muscle strength, reduces 400mg per day usage of paracetamol (acetaminophen) and has long lasting results.

Doctors agree that 4Jointz cream holds up to its claim and provides the relief that so many need.

Dr. Graeme Jones, a Professor of Rheumatology at the University of Tasmania in Australia, conducted a clinical trial on 4Jointz. He tested how 4Jointz affected 133 patients over a four month trial with the cream. Once the study was finished, Jones said that “4Jointz cream met its primary outcome measure that was improvement of pain.”

It’s time for people suffering from chronic pain and arthritis to take their lives back. The next time you find yourself too sore to go on a bike ride, too achy to take the dog for a run or in too much pain to do the things you love, consider trying 4Jointz cream for relief.


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