Implementing Routine for a Healthier Lifestyle

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Implementing Routine for a Healthier Lifestyle

In this article, you’ll learn and discover how you can Implement a new routine for a healthier lifestyle.

In day to day life, implementing change can be daunting and challenging. Regardless of the task or goal you are setting yourself, it will often involve a change from the norm, and an amount of discipline in order for it to become set into your routine. The stresses and strains of life, whether that be college, work, family or other commitments, may make it seem near impossible to implement a new routine, but when you have a clear idea of the benefits, you may find that it is easier than you think.

Understand the goal you have set

The first thing to do when implementing a change to your routine or lifestyle is understanding what it involves, and how best to include it in your schedule. Having a solid routine can be massively beneficial. Implementing a new goal will involve giving yourself time to plan; the more preparation involved, the easier it will become. For instance, if it is a lifestyle change to improve your health, this may involve diet plans, exercise schedules, or changes in your sleep pattern.

Get Organized

Routine goes hand in hand with organization. Buying a calendar or setting up a routine on your phone may be the answer to ensure whatever changes you are making do not become lost, and soon become a distant memory. Whether it be discussing with others or setting reminders on your phone, being organized will make a smoother transition into your new routine.

Break through the wall

When setting yourself any new challenge or goal, there will more than likely always be challenges to face. This is the nature of change; it can be unexpected and at times unwelcome. What is essential is to embrace it, and have your mind set on why you are implementing this change. Whatever reason it may be, reminding yourself of why will be massively beneficial on those darker days when you feel like giving up. It is very easy to motivate others and explain to them the long-term benefits of whatever hardships they may be facing; however, it is most difficult to do this to ourselves. The one person that can stop you achieving your goal is yourself; this is arguably the biggest struggle you will face, and therefore is all the more satisfying when you overcome it.

Routine in diet

Changing your diet is one of the hardest things to implement, due to the personal nature of self-control and willpower. Even though you have decided to go on a diet, there will still be cafes, restaurants, and food seemingly everywhere you look; advertised on television, in your home if you live with others, every time you go to the supermarket. This can make it seem much harder due to the constant presence of tempting alternatives that could get you off track. By developing a routine that you stick to, understand, and most importantly, work for you, you can make success realistic, as opposed to impossible. Of course, a new diet does not completely restrict you from enjoying food. A balanced diet allows for snacks and treats, and there are alternative products that may be the answer for you.

Routine in sleep

Society is very aware of how important sleep is. However, this doesn’t seem to be enough, as many people simply do not get enough sleep. Whatever reason this may be for, whether you are watching a new television program, or are up late talking to friends or family; try and stick to a solid routine. After a week or so, your body clock adjusts and will become accustomed to the schedule you have implemented. It is unsurprising that our memory, work ethic, and general wellbeing benefit hugely from a good night’s sleep, and it is a good place to start.

Routine at work

Work, for many, is a fundamental part of their week, and we work around our 9-5 in order to create a healthy balance. While at work, however, it can be easy to be lulled into forgetting to look after ourselves if a particularly busy project is on. Work breaks are not only essential but required in order for you to perform to your maximum ability. Lunch breaks should be lunch breaks. Going for a walk or spending some time outside and having a break from whatever work you are doing ensures you give your mind a rest; mental wellbeing is as important as physical wellbeing. Regular breaks throughout the day to make coffee can also be beneficial to our work output and well-being.

Get support from others

Implementing routine is a personal challenge, but it doesn’t hurt to involve others and share with them your plans and long-term goal. This can mean on those darker days when you are tempted to break from routine, for example, they can remind you of this goal, and help support you in keeping with it. Sharing with them any problems you may be facing will also take a weight off your shoulders, meaning the challenge can be faced together. The importance of emotional support cannot be overlooked, and a problem shared is a problem halved.

Achievable success

Of course, when you change your routine and make a lifestyle change, no matter how big or small, it can become easy to get carried away when doing your research or looking for guidance. An important point to remember is to be realistic, and do not expect unachievable results straight away. Being kind to yourself is a vital part of the process; becoming healthier in body and mind does not happen overnight.

Routine requires patience, practice, and positivity and eventually, you will see results. Regardless of how long this takes, when you feel frustrated baring this in mind can make all the difference. Cliché as it is to say, it is a hurdle, not a sprint, and by being realistic in the goals you set, you can meet any hurdle or difficulty with the right attitude, as opposed to feeling defeated or like you cannot cope.

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