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How to Find the Best Supplement To Suit Your Fitness Goals

The Complete Herbal Guide / Everyday Solutions  / How to Find the Best Supplement To Suit Your Fitness Goals

How to Find the Best Supplement To Suit Your Fitness Goals

Taking one or more supplements can be a great way to boost your training and get closer to reaching the fitness goal you have set yourself, so long as you are taking the right kind. Get it wrong and you could well be simply throwing money away.  In addition, you could also miss out on getting more from your exercise and training regime. The trick is to focus on the supplements which offer particularly good benefits for specific things; this way you can add or lose things depending on your focus, and how that changes over time. If you’re looking to find out more, you can see a range of reviews of diet pills here.

Here we look at how to match up great supplements which are perfect for meeting particular fitness goals.


Fitness goal – to build muscle

The major player here has got to be protein based supplements.  You can buy in powder form to add to food and drinks or make a shake with. For the advanced stage, muscle building goals go for whey-protein isolate which has an extra protein boost. Other supplements which are helpful here are creatine, a natural set of amino acids which work by helping cells prepare to grow and expand; and beta alanine which cuts the amount of acid your muscles get to help avoid cramps and muscle tiredness.

green tea

Fitness goal – to burn fat/lose weight

Extract of green (unroasted) coffee beans is a popular supplement for fat burning. It’s always been known for containing the useful antioxidant chlorogenic acid, so perhaps that and the caffeine are what help boost fat loss. Meanwhile, the benefits of green tea extract as a great metabolism booster are better known.

Tropical fruit Malabar tamarind (Garcinia Cambogia) is a supplement containing a compound called HCA which many people believe help them lose weight by burning fat faster than usual, as well as decreasing appetite.

fish oil

Fitness goal – to improve athletic ability

Anyone training for long distance races or events such as triathlons should be looking at supplements like  L-Glutamine which helps prevent muscles from hurting when they are being used more than usual. Fish oil supplements are also useful, as their anti-inflammatory actions help prevent stiffness and aid muscle recovery after strenuous use.


Fitness goal – to boost stamina during exercise

The best supplements for this goal are BCAAs – amino acids which occur naturally in high protein food like meat. They work by reducing the effect of another compound which the body releases to signal tiredness. This shouldn’t be overused or you risk exhaustion, but it helps you get over the slump you may feel partway through an exercise routine.

Another supplement to consider include caffeine anhydrous – which is basically dried coffee. This delivers extra energy and can also help reduce muscle pain during exercise so you can keep going a little longer. Finally, there’s vitamin B12, which is vital for health and energy. Being low on B12 is like running a vehicle on gas fumes, and those who don’t eat enough vitamin B2 enriched foods like eggs, shellfish, cheese and meat like chicken are often low on this.

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