How Can People with Disabilities Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle?

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How Can People with Disabilities Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle?

In order to have a healthy lifestyle, it is important that we keep our bodies and our minds trained and exercised. This is even more important if we are talking about having a disability. Our bodies are incredible structures but they still need our care and attention.

Starting from what we eat and drink, all the way to keeping fit, we need to take the best care possible of ourselves. Therefore, we must be careful with what we consume every day since our bodies will feel the difference between healthy or junk food.

Eating at irregular hours, or eating greasy foods, or junk foods will lead to various illnesses, like diabetes or high cholesterol. The same rule applies to smoke or alcohol abuse. But, if we replace all those bad foods and ingredients with more fruits and vegetables, our bodies will know and “feel” accordingly, by absorbing the right nutrients, and, one visible result will be the increase of energy.


Physical exercise

People with disabilities need to take extra care of their bodies since there is a possibility of them not being able to keep fit and lead a healthy lifestyle. Physical exercise is one of the most important aspects of having an active mind and body.

Depending on the disability, they can exercise according to their needs, whether we are talking about aerobics or muscle strengthening exercises – all can be accomplished with the help of a specialist or someone assisting them. Aerobics can improve heart and lung functions, decrease the risk of chronic diseases, and improve mental health.

It is recommended that people with disabilities get 150 minutes/week of moderate aerobics. Also, some kind of physical activity is better than no activity at all. On the other hand, muscle strengthening exercises involving all major muscle groups should be part of a weekly routine, for example, yoga.

It is recommended that children and teenagers have a minimum of 60 minutes per day of physical activity. If people with disabilities are unable to attend the recommended activity guidelines, they should talk to a specialist who can help and recommend the best alternative for their needs. Overall, inactivity is not recommended and should be avoided.


Train your brain

Your brain is the body’s control center that controls your movements, feelings, thoughts, and actions. It is always good to train your mind into feeling good thoughts for a healthier life. It is even more important when you have certain disabilities that prevent you from performing certain actions or movements.

Surely, we should not go so far as to assert that every day is a great one. However, it is important to always keep in mind that if you make it to the next minute, you can make it to the next hour, and so on, until you are able to get over every difficulty that might come your way. A healthier lifestyle does not necessarily involve the gym.

Physical activities are always recommended, but it is essential that you learn to take a time-out from your busy life to be quiet and still. Just imagine a messy closet. Everything is thrown in there and you cannot find anything you need.

To make things easy, you should take everything out, fold and arrange your clothes and other items and put them back in an organized manner. Next time you open your closet to get something out of it, you will be able to find it immediately. It is the same with the mind.

If you take a step back, rethink everything and let all your thoughts back calmly, you will feel more relaxed and you will be able to solve any situation you come across. You have to think about what you like, what relaxes you, what motivates you. These are the thoughts that should always be in your mind.

People suffering from various disabilities often feel like they are lesser people like there is no purpose for them, and that they might be a burden for others. If you believe that, you’ve already lost. Do what you can do, nothing more. If you cannot walk, you can use your hands. The point is that you need to find a sense of purpose. That will keep you going.


Make your life easier

You might not like it, but it will be easier for you to use items specially designed for people with disabilities. Online, you can find a complete review of every product you might imagine. It will also be easier for you to select items suitable for your specific needs, that will help you in your everyday life.



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