How Online Video Influences Your Website Audience

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How Online Video Influences Your Website Audience

In this article, you’ll learn and discover how online video influences your website audience. 

As you know, any company needs a special presentation of its product or service to make the business profitable. One of the effective ways to communicate with people is through different video materials.

With the fast progress of technologies, making and sharing movies became much easier than it used to be a few years before. The results are saying for themselves: there are a lot of successful examples of visual promoting in different spheres for many services.

And, more than that, our today world is full of animated images, short clips, and amazing flicks. Frequently speaking, they are everywhere from streets to mobile devices.

So to start with, why it is so popular and usable? Of course, there are different factors that influence on the reputation of such presenting information format. Let’s see.

  1. The first one is a bit expected. It is about the ability to introduce material in an impressive and unique way. Visual moving objects are quite attractive and captivate more people.
  2. On the other hand, appropriateness for a variety of situations is very important in the business world. There are various styles and techniques which offer certain solutions for almost every project and presentation. For example, explainers are ideal to tell about the product clearly while interactive videos can partly communicate with a viewer through votes, polls and so on.
  3. Nothing is better when we talk about describing company goals, achievements, and products. A clear demonstration is very important when it refers to making possible clients. While ordinary texts can’t give the full idea, videos stay ahead providing customers with relevant content faster and effectively.
  4. When the concepts are a bit complicated and difficult to explain, video format allows creators to go through this hard part. So if the company is highly technician, such a solution can help a lot in promoting. The only thing is to prepare the material in the way everybody will understand. But the work is worth it.
  5. High chances of extra sharing by the users with their friends and colleagues. Video format harmoniously blends into the world of social networks. Images and clips are appreciated on the Internet which makes them effective in sharing.

But advantages worth nothing without certain results. And the goal of the involvement video content for advertising is increasing conversion of the website, attracting more consumers, boosting profits, etc.

More than half of companies admit that including movies in their campaign has a positive impact. Sometimes it is not so effective for different reasons such as improper style or dull content.

But the percentage of failed projects seems to be small and occupies approximately about 7%. Also, there is a third of organizations that haven’t noticed the advantages of this format in comparison with others.

Help of WordPress

But creating video is not enough to tell the world about something. If you want to diversify the content and add different media files including clips on the webpage, you need certain tools that provide such processes.

The solution is WordPress with its great collection of functions and plugins. Generally, it is software specifically designed to develop a site even if the user isn’t familiar with writing code or other things.  It offers a lot of players and instruments to work with the majority of formats. Also, when any problem appears, there is a big community of developers that will help you. So don’t be afraid to start.

There are plugins based on WordPress that allows a user to add effects and animations to make the place more vivid and interesting. Their functions vary from just placing media files on a spot to editing the whole appearance. The only trouble is to find a useful one.


Developers of this plugin claim that you do not need photoshop skills to make images good-looking. A user can easily edit the image on the site making it round and cutting of square borders. Also, change the color of the frame or add some shadows behind the picture.

Video players

There are a lot of famous models that offer different designs and functions. Easy Video Player is one of a big assortment that adds any video from your computer or external sources. The only thing is the format that must be MP4. FV WordPress Flowplayer has one important advantage in comparison with the previous one. It makes it possible to include videos from streaming platforms like YouTube. Besides, there is another variant like the JW Player. It supports both Flash and HTML5 what can’t be ignored.

WordPress Vimeo Videos

As you might already guess, it is made especially for Vimeo videos. With it, you can quickly import movies on the site from different groups and categories. It supports both single and set of videos.

NextGen Gallery

The module of images that have been working for many years and remains a useful tool today. It is a system to manage all the pictures and photos on the website. You can sort out them you like, group and created albums and so on. It has a lot of functions while suitable even for beginners because it is simple and comfortable.

As we can read in the name, this one creates beautiful slideshows. One of the features that sometimes can be important is the ability to add links to the photos.

Easy Watermark

Designed to create watermarks on the pictures, it is good at its job. There is a full set of needed settings for this activity.

Instagram Feed

If you have related content in this social network and include it to your site than this plugin is perfect. The function is pretty simple – displaying posts from Instagram accounts.


Multimedia direction supports audio, video, photos.

Such modules will help you to start to complement the site with different media files. This probably makes the webpage more interesting and catching place for a random visitor and possible clients.


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