Health Effects Due to Cannabis Filled With Pesticides

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Health Effects Due to Cannabis Filled With Pesticides

Cannabis laws have evolved significantly over the past few decades. Today many states allowing adults to purchase and consume cannabis for medical use, recreation, or both. Still, there are many gray areas throughout the country concerning cannabis federal status as a Schedule I controlled substance and the availability of some medical marijuana products in certain states. One of the major issues faced by cannabis users is the use of the pesticide on marijuana crops.


Implementing laws on cannabis production

The implementation of laws on the production of cannabis production is very important. In many places, the government is trying hard to provide pesticide-free cannabis by adopting medical cannabis and recreational cannabis laws enacting standards for stakeholders in the marijuana industry. Growers, product manufacturers, distributors, and dispensaries must all meet specific state-level regulations. However, at this time, only a few states have been able to implement certain specific laws concerning the use of pesticides on cannabis crops.

Many third-party certification agencies have been using rigorous testing standards to report on the quality of the products they review, and this also includes cannabis products. It’s essential to know what standards the producer used to claim the product is organic and whether the producer faithfully adhered to those standards. Ideally, cannabis manufacturing and distribution will follow a similar path as that of the organic food movement in recent years.

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Heath problems

Tobacco smokers often use cigarettes with cotton filters. These filters absorb a big part of the pesticides. Cannabis smokers mostly do not use cotton filters in marijuana cigarettes or smoking devices. Therefore they probably inhale relatively more pesticides than tobacco smokers. An individual who is accustomed to buying illegal cannabis on the street has no guarantee as to the quality or safety of the product. And many cultivators who are involved in illegal cultivation are known to use a heavy amount of pesticides for greater cultivation. Heating pesticides can change their composition. When some pesticides like myclobutanil are heated, they decompose in very dangerous toxins. The health effects due to pesticides vary based on:

Some pesticides irritate the skin and eyes, while others cause respiratory problems. Still, others may interfere with the body’s endocrine, or hormone, systems. While direct pesticide exposure is the most dangerous, there is also a chance of contracting pesticide-related health issues by consuming products made with pesticide-tainted raw materials. For patients using cannabis containing pesticides can lead to further health complications.

Today many organizations are working towards producing pesticide-free cannabis using various proprietary extraction techniques and formulations, breeding, genetics, and good manufacturing practices (GMP). Purchase from a medical cannabis dispensary should come with some degree of security, and that is why it is essential for medical marijuana users to do thorough research on the types of marijuana and marijuana products they buy and consume. If you’re unsure about a purchase or can’t find any information about a new cannabis product, it may be best to avoid purchasing the product until you can find some kind of third-party certification of its quality and safety.

Quality Matters

There should be a surety that whatever someone intakes on a daily basis is fresh. Since things tend to get messed up with time, the question to ask here is does weed go bad? Well, it all depends on how it’s taken care of. Storing it in a proper place will never make it go bad. Cannabis is a plant that needs the same amount of attention as regular plants — with different techniques, of course. It requires a certain amount of sunlight, water, temperature, etc. However, if it is maintained properly and kept at the perfect temperature, then there are fewer chances of it going bad. Cannabis has the tendency to last for a long time which is beneficial for women who use it regularly to cure themselves.

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