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Medical Marijuana – The Basics

Medical marijuana is being touted as a panacea to a wide spectrum of ailments. While the verdict is still out on many claims, the plant has history on its side and recent research has pointed at many benefits too, backing up centuries-old practices.

To understand the benefits of medical marijuana, it is important that we know the fundamentals of its chemical Component. Medical marijuana contains many active compounds, two of which are the most relevant according to a host of studies and research conducted. These are THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol) and cannabidiol (CBD).

THC is the reason for the high of marijuana – something a lot of us would have experienced when smoking it recreationally or otherwise. CBD does not cause the familiar weed high and is associated with pain-relieving properties. Getting access to medical marijuana is thankfully getting easier as policymakers ease up on rules and parameters.

Adults can walk into a San Francisco Dispensary, Mission Organic Center and after some basic but necessary verification they can pick up the product. Let us learn more about how medical marijuana is fighting serious diseases on multiple fronts.

Medical Marijuana Against Breast Cancer

Depending on the conditions that the patient has, they would benefit from different components of marijuana. Cancer patients are using medical marijuana and it is helping them in many ways.

Cancer is a general term used for a large range of related conditions – usually defined by the malignant multiplication of invasive cancerous cells. Treatments for cancer can be as physically traumatic as the disease itself and patients have to go through difficult experiences, sometimes on a daily basis. Medical marijuana has become more prominent as a helping tool for cancer patients as more and more stakeholders and sufferers look for organic and more natural alternatives.

Let us look at the symptoms of breast cancer. Some of the major ones include pain, the sensation of nausea, sudden fevers or hot flashes, increased anxiety, disturbed sleep patterns, and a significant decrease in appetite.

Medical marijuana has been used to alleviate the condition of patients suffering from these debilitating symptoms. Patients are prescribed a lot of regular drugs to deal with the sickness and medical cannabis has been shown to be quite effective when used in conjunction.

Medical Marijuana – Reducing Side Effects Of Hepatitis C Treatment

Hepatitis C is a very serious disease and the treatment for it is very intensive, causing a lot of side effects to happen. Depression and constant fatigue are not uncommon amongst sufferers of this liver disease, which can be chronic in nature. Abdominal pain, sudden bouts of nausea, and a constant fever can also make life difficult. Then there is the muscle pain, which adds to the discomfort of the patient.

Patients are now adopting medical marijuana as a solution to many of the unpleasant associations with Hepatitis C. Medical marijuana can encourage Hepatitis C patients to complete their therapies.

This is important because any form of untreated or partially treated Hepatitis can leave the patient at high risk. A study by the European Journal of Gastroenterology and Hepatology also suggested that marijuana smoking can increase the effectiveness of the treatment method as the cannabis compounds lower the viral levels in Hepatitis C patients.

Medical Marijuana Forms

Contrary to what most people believe, medical marijuana can be consumed in other ways besides smoking the dried leaves of buds. You can consume medical marijuana in an edible form – it can be an ingredient in cookies or brownies. Mints and candy containing hemp extracts or medical cannabis are also available.

Medical marijuana oils are also becoming very popular. These are more concentrated in nature and can be added to beverages and foods like honey and tea. CBD oil does not have psychoactive elements – there is no high.

Apart from major medical marijuana benefits like pain relief and reduction of anxiety and depression, CBD oil is known to be an anti-acne agent! Some studies are digging into CBD oil’s role in improving heart health. Medical marijuana also comes in the form of creams and ointments and you can also pick up medical cannabis sprays and tinctures.

The product also comes in many types or strains, where the composition will differ. Some strains will be higher on CBDs as the user is looking for particular benefits while some will have a higher concentration of THC or another compound. For recreational use, marijuana users prefer varying degrees of THCs.

Things To Consider Before Taking Medical Marijuana As A Patient

Don’t just jump into a medical marijuana routine yet. There are certain precautions and confirmations that are necessary before you start using it. If you are undergoing treatment for a serious disease, please make sure that you communicate your intentions to the concerned medical practitioner and wait for the green light.

Seek Expert Opinion

Finances also need to be analyzed before you want to spend on medical cannabis – your insurance probably does not cover it and you may be spending hundreds of dollars out of your own pocket. Reach out to experts on the ground and have conversations on what particular strain or combination you can benefit the most from.

Ensure It Is Legal In Your State

In states where the recreational and medical use of cannabis is allowed, like California, you can head to the nearest medical marijuana dispensary and consult with the staff. They may be familiar with cases that are similar to yours and can give very important feedback.

Choose Organic

If you have finally decided to take medical marijuana then ensure that your product is not grown using pesticides. Look at the packaging and determine that it is fresh, air-tight and does not contain fungus. Stick to dispensaries that offer tested or certified medical marijuana.

Marijuana has helped millions of people in different ways for thousands of generations across the world. It is making a revival in the developed world as people have begun to respect age-old practices and medical concepts. Consider medical cannabis as an option and spend as much time as you can on researching. Find the product that can help ease the pain you or a loved one is going through.

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