State of Florida Makes It Legal to Smoke Medical Marijuana

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State of Florida Makes It Legal to Smoke Medical Marijuana

The year-long wait is finally over for patients in Florida that want smokable marijuana form medicine. This month the new Governor signed in new legislation making the whole flower, and smokable marijuana legal to buy and use by approved patients.  Cannabis proponents say this is long overdue since Floridian’s overwhelmingly passed Amendment 2 back in Nov. 2017, making medical marijuana legal.

The new bill authorizes Florida dispensaries, to sell smokable flower, to patients that have met the additional requirements. Some of which include; signing a consent form stating that you understand and agree to the health risks associated with smoking marijuana.

Plus, your physician will have to document the delivery devices that you have been using to ingest marijuana.  They will also have to document why smoking it will benefit you.

Finally, your smokable marijuana recommendation will have to be added to the notes in your medical marijuana Use profile, which can’t exceed 2.5 ounces every 35 days.


Which Dispensaries Sell Marijuana Flower?

Since smokable flower just became legal on March 24th, 2019, not all the dispensaries in Florida have implemented it into their current inventory of medicines yet.  However, most of the patients want to try smoking marijuana and every approved dispensary has committed to having it available soon. There are 123 dispensary locations to date, giving Floridian’s access to medical marijuana in just about every major city this year.

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Why is smoking Marijuana Better?

For some people smoking marijuana is better because they believe in getting the entourage effects, which are provided by ingesting all the 400 plus cannabinoids in marijuana. Only when you smoke the whole flower do you truly benefit from all the useful cannabinoids.

On the contrary, when you take medical marijuana extract containing THC and CBD, that’s just what you get. The extraction process eliminates most of the cannabinoids and focuses on what sells the best. But recent studies show that whole flower marijuana provides more benefits than just taking oils, topicals, vaporizers, or any other delivery device.


There are many ways to ingest marijuana-based products and get the health benefits associated with taking them. But it’s important to find the best way to get what you’re looking for from the cannabis you take. If you haven’t tried smoking marijuana flower, and you legally can, then give it a try. The health risks are minimal at best, and the positive results can be profound.


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