Five DIY Skin Packs You Should Definitely Try

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Five DIY Skin Packs You Should Definitely Try

Five DIY Skin Packs You Should Definitely Try

Everybody loves to look attractive and beautiful. When your skin is clear and supple, you do not need makeup to look your best. Unfortunately, the addition of pollution, unhealthy lifestyle, bad food habits, and stress have led to a lot of skin damages and premature aging. While there are a lot of skincare products to try out, most of these are expensive and laden with chemicals. When you start trying out the below DIY skin packs, you can get rid of all common skin problems and enjoy a blemish-free, healthy skin tone for years together.

Coconut oil facemask

If you have excessively dry skin, then stay away from all expensive moisturizers and make coconut oil your best friend. Get hold of organic coconut oil and apply generously all over your skin. You can let it soak for 20-30 minutes before washing off with a mild cleanser/body wash. This will make your skin supple, hydrated, and bring out a warm glow.

Oatmeal and honey facemasks

Another perfect solution to the dry and damaged skin is using a mix of oatmeal and honey. This helps to prevent infections and acne and provides a burst of much-needed moisturization. Honey is antibacterial and fights off all types of bacteria and yeast. Oatmeal can help to gently exfoliate your face too! You can use these wonder ingredients once a week to experience soft, supple, and glowing skin.

Aloe vera

Aloe vera is often called the elixir of skin. Scoop out a generous portion of the aloe gel fresh from the plant. You can also get packed versions if this is not available. Apply all over your face and neck. You can spread some gel over a cotton pad and cover your eyes with it. The result is natural moisturization and instant rejuvenation of the skin. This also helps treat dark circles.

Banana and yogurt

Banana is your natural replacement for Botox. Mash up half a banana, mix it up with yogurt and apply all over the face and neck. Gently massage the mix so that it is easily absorbed by the skin. This helps your skin get brighter, more attractive, and leaves behind a beautiful glow. You can find a lot of DIY skin care recipes with bananas on

Milk face pack

Milk is something women have been using for centuries to cleanse their body and face. You can add half a cup of milk to your bathtub for a moisturized skin. Also you can also make a paste of milk powder and honey and apply it over your face and neck. You can wash off once dried and the result is an instantly fresh look.


Lemon is an excellent product for regular skin care. You can add this with any of your facemask recipes for added benefits. A squeeze of lemon in yogurt also makes a great pack for acne and skin blemishes.

Make use of all these DIY recipes and stay young and beautiful looking all through!

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