How To Do The Sitting Bounce On Your Rebounder – Breast Cancer/Lymphedema Exercise

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How To Do The Sitting Bounce On Your Rebounder – Breast Cancer/Lymphedema Exercise

Don’t Let Age or Injury Hinder your Commitment to Exercise: Doing the Sitting Bounce on Your Rebounder

It is true that we should not let anything prevent us from ensuring that we remain strong and healthy, which is why the sitting bounce on a rebounder trampoline is one of the best exercises that you can do.

Even if your body has been weakened due to illness, age, or an injury, you can use this exercise to increase your strength and energy.

There are many rebounder exercise routines that almost anyone can do.

However, one of the most age-neutral exercise routines would have to be the sitting bounce, which is an exercise that you can do even if you suffer from injuries that prevent you from doing typical exercises.

How to do the Sitting Bounce on your Rebounder 

If you want to try out the sitting bounce routine for yourself, here are the steps that you should take:

  1. Begin by sitting on your rebounder’s jump mat. It is best to have a workout buddy with you if you are still recovering from a serious injury.
  2. Not only will having a partner make it easier for you to get started, he or she will also help to make sure that you don’t accidentally fall off the trampoline and hurt yourself.
  3. Your guide should stand right behind you to assist you in doing your bounce. You will need to be in constant contact with your partner during this exercise.
  4. Once you have your partner positioned behind you, lift your hands up and have your partner hold them up for you.
  5. Now that you are in position, start bouncing. Try lifting yourself, with the help of your partner, and once you have reached your peak bounce height, allow yourself to fall back onto the trampoline.
  6. Do as many repetitions as you can for two to three minutes.

Benefits of the Sitting Bounce for Seniors

  • The great thing about the sitting bounce is that it helps eliminate the toxins accumulated inside your body through sweating without putting a lot of stress on your joints.
    This is great if you suffer from arthritis or any other ailment that causes painful inflammation in your joints.
  • In addition to reducing stress on your joints, the sitting bounce also works well when it comes to improving your core muscle group, which includes your back, abdominal region, and legs.
  • Continuously doing the sitting bounce will strengthen your core muscles, which in turn will allow you to do more strenuous exercises, such as the health bounce, without any risk of injury.

Ready to Get Moving with the Sitting Bounce?

So, if you intend to make yourself feel better and stronger regardless of your age or injury history, you can start by doing the beneficial sitting bounce routine with a friend.

Doing these bounce exercises can help you regain your strength, and even improve upon it.

If you want to be stronger and healthier with the help of a rebounder, you can look up, even more, techniques to enjoy by visiting the Rebounder Zone library.


Be strong, active, and healthy!

Leonard Parker, Owner of RebounderZone.

A life of better health awaits you.

Author: Leonard Parker, Owner of RebounderZone

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