How to Take Care of Your Spine

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How to Take Care of Your Spine

In this article, you’ll learn and discover how to take care of your spine. 

Spinal Cord

Experiencing pain can affect how you lead your life. According to  Republic Spine and Pain, there are different types of pain, but the most daunting is chronic pain. It never ends and takes a toll on you emotionally. You can even developmental issues due to exhaustion from the constant pain. The best medicine for this pain lies in preventing its occurrence. However, when it occurs, certain adjustments on your normal activities will help you cope with the disease. Managing chronic pain requires an understanding of the pain patterns and development of simple remedies or lifestyle changes to counter the pain patterns.

Engage in Back Strengthening Exercises

The spine supports the back and also the abdominal areas of your body. Unfortunately, those muscles have adapted to little work in our daily routine. The result includes having underworked muscles supple and unable to support your back. Engage in exercises and strengthen your abdominal and back muscles, making them robust enough to support your spine. Visit a doctor for guidance on a proper work out a schedule that strengthens those muscles as well as consider your current condition for appropriate rehabilitation.

Go for Massages to Release Tension

Having a massage releases the tension on the back muscles providing stress relief. It also results in better blood flow that takes nutrients to tense areas, thus speeding up the healing process. Massages also improve the production of endorphins that help to reduce pain in the body. Therefore, with a massage, the use of painkillers and other strong medications may reduce.

Mind Your Shoes

The type of shoes you wear determines the health of your spine in the long run. Your shoes should support your back correctly and avoid rolling of the heel to the outside or inside. The area that your heel rests on the shoe should have a medium hardness to prevent excessive supination. The shoes should support the back and ensure alignment between the body and spine.

Adopt Proper Sleeping Patterns

The first step to proper sleeping patterns lies in the environment you choose. That includes the lighting and the mattress you use. The bed depends on your back problems as specified by a doctor. The best sleeping position allows the back to rest on the mattress to provide enough rest during the night. Lack of proper rest on your back makes it exhausted before you start a new day, and the exhaustion accumulates over the years, causing complications and chronic pains.

Mind You Sitting Posture and Sitting Time

The nature of the human body was to move more than it sits down. Ensure that you limit the time taken to sit down. Sitting places pressure on the lower back and increases the chance of developing back problems. The posture you adopt while sitting, such as leaning forward adds more pressure on the back part and makes developing a back problem easy. Sitting in an upright position spreads the tension on your spine and reduces the probability of having back problems. Our activities may make us sit for long hours, but taking breaks from sitting after 30 minutes helps to stretch the tense parts and bring back blood flow for a healthy spine.

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