6 Types of Sports Injuries and Prevention

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6 Types of Sports Injuries and Prevention

Engaging in athletic activities and sports is fun, but it can lead to serious injuries sometimes. Injuries while playing any kind of sport is known as sports injury, which may be an injury in any part of the body. Sometimes, an injury incident happens when the player is on the field, while there are also chances of sports injuries during the time of exercising.

Although playing sports can lead to injuries in various body parts, sports injuries are linked to the musculoskeletal system. There are some common types of injuries that are noticed many times, and they are:

Ankle Sprain

A player can have this type of injury while jumping too hard on the field, for example catching a ball. In such cases, there are chances that the player’s foot gets twisted.

Knee Injury

Another common sports injury, a knee injury could be ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament). Knee injuries on the field can affect a player’s ability and can also hurt a lot.

Hamstring strain

A common leg injury, the hamstring strain, involves a tear in hamstring muscles. The injury could be severe and sometimes can also involve a complete tear of the muscle.

Groin Strain

Also known as a groin pull, this type of sports injury is a type of tear that is linked to adductor muscles and leads to pain in the thigh. This type of injury could be mild as well as severe.

Shin Splints

Sometimes, ache after sprinting in sports can result in shin splints. It can further lead to swollen muscle, stress fractures and weakness in muscles.

Tennis Elbow

Popularly known lateral epicondylitis in the medical arena, tennis elbow is a common sports injury these days and results in pain in upper arm muscle. Although the injury includes ‘tennis’, less than 5% of reported tennis elbow cases are linked to tennis.

Some other commonly known sports injuries are strains and sprains. They may be the results of passing the limit of stretching or injuries to muscles.

How To Prevent Common Sports Injuries?

Although these are common injuries and can be resulted even after small movements in muscles, they could lead to severe problems. Sometimes, it becomes difficult for players to prevent these injuries or bear them. But they could be prevented by getting help from experts or using the right products. The best way to avoid these common injuries is by taking part in daily exercises in the presence of experts. In addition, players should warm up before they start playing the game. Warm-up before the workout could be one of the greatest ways to avoid common injuries, as per sports injury experts. It is because warm-up increases the flow of blood inside the body to the muscles and makes them more flexible and ready for the next exercise.

Some common injuries occur when players suddenly come on the field after a long time and start hitting the ball. At that time, the body and muscles are not ready for a quick stretch, which results in severe injuries. Whether it is simply running or a team game, one should start slowly and first, take part in light work. With time, they should increase their activities and stretch their muscles.

If one leads to any of these injuries, they should consult a sports health expert who is aware of techniques to deal with such issues. These injuries should not be avoided as they could further lead to more severe and injurious. In addition, one should take tests to check the type of injury and learn effective measure to deal with it.

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