Body Chemistry: Which Supplements Could Bring Out The Best In You

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Body Chemistry: Which Supplements Could Bring Out The Best In You

When you reach for that vitamin C or omega-3 fatty acid fish oil, you’re probably wondering “do I really need all these vitamins and supplements?” After all, you do get them from food. However, you will have to make sure that you eat all the right food on a daily basis. Keep in mind that a lot of people usually don’t get enough nutrients from their diet. Food and beverage alone are not enough. This is why we have daily vitamin and supplements in order to replenish what we are missing.

If you’re still wondering why you should take vitamins or supplements on a daily basis, here are some reasons that you should look into because these vitamins and supplements could bring the best out the best in you:


Better concentration

Omega-3 fatty acid fish oil and vitamin B play a crucial role in brain function. If you are lacking in these vitamins, you might feel drowsy and fatigue on a constant basis. Vitamin B1 and B12 can help brighten your mood. Vitamin B12 deficiency can lead to nerve issue while B1 can cause confusion and abnormal gait. taking fish oil on a daily basis will provide you with healthy fats which can be used as fuel for the brain.

vitamin c

Immune system

Vitamin C is known to help boost your immune system so you don’t get sick that easily. With a strong immune system, you will be able to fight off viruses, bacteria, or any invaders that will try to make you sick. You can even get Prescription supplements by PremierFormulas to help you get all the replenishments that you need to ensure that you have a healthy and robust immune system.

Fights aging and cancer

All these essential vitamins contain antioxidant properties to fight off free radicals that can be toxic to our body. These free radicals can cause cancer or severely age us. Fortunately, with vitamins, it will prevent these radicals from destroying our cells.


Healthy hair

Fish oils are vital for the health of your hair. If you find out your hair is getting dry and brittle, maybe it’s time to take some omega-3 fatty acid fish oils.


Excellent for your skin and eyes

Vitamin A plays an important role in improving your vision and skin condition. Inadequate intake can lead to severely dry and irritated skin as well as vision problems.


Prevent anemia

Iron, vitamin B12, and folate play an important role in the development of blood cells. Many women often suffer from iron deficiency because of monthly menstruation and pregnancy. This is why it’s important that they get an adequate amount of iron. B12 and folate are also vital as well. B 12 deficiency can result in neuropathy, while folate issues can cause birth defects or worsen anemia.


Prevent fractures

Low levels of vitamin D and calcium can weaken your bones. This will result in detrimental fractures and bone pain. In order to avoid this, it’s important to take an adequate amount of supplements.

You can visit your health care providers to have a blood test. The blood test will show what vitamins and nutrients that you are missing. Once the doctor finds out what you are missing, he or she can prescribe you supplements or recommend ones that you can purchase online or in the store. Either way, it’s important to take a supplement that contains everything you need in order to maintain optimum health.

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