7 Ways Aloe Vera Is Beneficial To You

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7 Ways Aloe Vera Is Beneficial To You

Aloe Vera is a medicinal plant that dates back to thousands of years ago. The cactus-looking plant is the heart of a million dollar industry extending from health to cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. The leaves of an aloe vera plant have a gel-like substance that has immense benefits such as making diet supplements, health juices, and beauty creams.

Here are seven reasons Aloe Vera is beneficial for you.

1. Skincare Benefits

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Aloe vera slows the aging process by improving skin elasticity. It has anti-aging elements that delay the appearance of wrinkles. It nourishes and moisturizes the skin without making it greasy. Thus, it is a great buy for persons with oily skin. Aloe vera treats sunburns, removes tan, and eliminates stretch marks. Additionally, the plant heals skin conditions such as acne and eczema, reduces skin irritations, and soothes rashes. When buying an aloe vera gel product for your skin, the Aloe Vera Guru recommends one that is organic, cold pressed and dermatologically tested.

2. Accelerates the healing of burns


Aloe vera is mostly used as a topical medication whereby you apply it to the skin. It has been used throughout history to treat sores such as burns. Aloe vera reduces the time burns take to heal to about 9 days. Aloe vera has antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties that hasten the healing of cold stores.

3. Reduces dental plaque

Many people suffer from dental diseases and tooth decay. Aloe vera reduces the accumulation of plaque on teeth by killing plaque-producing bacterium in the mouth called Streptococcus mutans. Just like mouthwash, pure aloe vera juice is effective in reducing dental plaque.

4. Prevents and Treats Dehydration

Aloe vera is a water-dense plant and thus ideal for preventing dehydration and treating dehydration issues. Staying hydrated is important because it provides a way for the body to flush out toxins. You can take aloe vera juice after heavy exercise to rehydrate your body.

5. Helps in Weight Loss


Both the beauty and health industries are bragging of the benefits of aloe vera in maximizing your weight loss potential. Aloe vera contains vitamins, amino acids, sterols, enzymes, and minerals that help in weight loss as well as improve overall body health.

6. Aids in Hair Care

Aloe vera has numerous benefits for your hair such as promoting hair growth, reducing dandruff, conditioning hair and repairing dead skin cells. Also, it adds a shiny and smooth sparkle to your hair and prevents breakage. You can mix aloe vera juice and virgin coconut oil to get a perfect mask for your hair.

7. Boosts the Immune System

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Aloe vera contains bradykinase that stimulates the immune system and kills infections. It also contains zinc that is vital in the maintenance of the immune function. Aloe keeps off diseases and destroys bacteria in the body. The plant is gaining popularity because it builds the immunity without causing allergic reactions.

Aloe is a miracle plant with numerous amazing uses and carries an array of benefits ranging from strengthening the immune system to delaying the aging process and preventing dehydration. You can grow an aloe vera plant in your kitchen garden or balcony and be sure to enjoy its unlimited benefits once it grows.

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