6 Tips To Keep Yourself Active And Healthy As You Age

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6 Tips To Keep Yourself Active And Healthy As You Age

Getting into a new phase of life with growing age can be exciting and frightening, both at the same time. Old age inevitably comes with its own set of problems and you need to devise ways to keep yourself well and happy.

The foremost thing is to be mindful of maintaining healthy habits as we tend to age. It can never be too late to incorporate a good habit in your routine. These are easy to follow and make a great difference in your lives.

This article brings the most vital tips to follow to keep yourself active and healthy with age.   


Make exercising fun

Pick an activity (or range of activities) that appeals to you, since you’re more likely to keep to an exercise plan if you like it.  Check out local exercise activities in your area. Opportunities to be active in your neighborhood may include leisure exercise centers, sports clubs, parks, walking trails, swimming pools or exercise classes.

Going for walks can help you to maintain your health and longevity. In the case of mobility restrictions due to foot pain, you can always use reliable foot pain relief cream to reduce or prevent any foot or pain discomfort.


Nutritious diet

With age, the digestive tract becomes more rigid and firm. The contraction and expansion process slows down. This results in a number of digestive problems like stomach pain, constipation and feeling nauseous very often. Only a careful diet can help in easing out the problem.

Consume a healthy and well-balanced diet. Heavy food items need to be avoided as much as possible. This might mean having to limit your favorite recipes only to a few days a month. Try to include as much as fiber-rich, low cholesterol and low-fat food. Drink plenty of fluids as old age can also make you prone to dehydration.


Your skin

Aging also shows its effects on your skin. With age, skin loses its elasticity and start to sag and wrinkle. This is taken to be one of the first few signs of aging. Firstly, learn to embrace your age and the changes coming with it. Only this can make you age beautifully. To slow down the process of wrinkling, it is suggested to keep your skin away from high exposure to the sun to keep it healthier as you grow older.

Avoid smoking and limit your alcohol consumption. Appropriate sleep is also crucial for good and healthy skin. Stay clear of popularized anti-aging products. More often than not, their effects may be otherwise.

senior friends

Social well being

According to simplemost.com, If you’re looking to live a long and healthy life, start surrounding yourself with good friends. A study from Bringham Young University found that people with social relationships live 50 percent longer than people who are more socially isolated.

Friends can not only help you deal with stress and act as a buffer to its effects, but they can also encourage you to take better care of yourself.


Mental health

Mental health is also a vital component of our holistic well being. As with age, the number of physical activities gets sharply reduced, our mental faculties also go on rest. Our jobs often become our only entry point to unleash our mental abilities. Post-retirement this scenario changes for most of the people.

Numerous researches have shown that playing crossword games, reading books, writing daily journals and taking up new hobbies helps greatly in stimulating our minds. Therefore, they become a great way to reduce the risk of cognitive decline to the maximum extent.


Dealing with stress

As we go down the age line, our stressors change along with our capability to handle the stress. Especially with older age, stress also heightens the risk for fatigue, memory loss and reduces our ability to fight against infections. Stress is one of the triggering agents to Alzheimer’s as well.

To be practical, it is almost impossible to get away with all stressful situations. However, we can always learn to acquire better-coping skills to deal with the stress monster. For instance, take ample sleep, follow a nutritious diet and do meditation. Always be in constant touch of your loved ones and let your communication channels open.

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