5 Natural Herbs that Work with Marijuana

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5 Natural Herbs that Work with Marijuana

In a time and society where addiction from pharmaceutical pills is the norm, people are trying to find new and more natural ways to get medical care.  They are turning to natural and holistic herbs more and more, as it’s being found that pharmaceutical drugs are doing more harm than good.  People are also turning to marijuana for various ailments and are benefitting from this popular herb.  But, one thing you may not know is that natural herbs, like lavender and St. John’s Wort, can actually work with marijuana for more optimal benefits.

There are a variety of ways to consume natural herbs, including cannabis.  You can cook them, rub the oils on your skin, vape them and drink them in the form of a tea.  You can do the same with marijuana.  Infusing and mixing the natural herbs with marijuana can give you the medical care you are looking for to help you with a variety illnesses.  Let’s take a look at five natural herbs that work together with cannabis to provide the best health benefits.



If you’re a beginner with natural remedies, you may not have heard about Ashwagandha.  Ashwagandha, when combined with marijuana, is a natural herb for anxiety and depression.  People who use Ashwagandha with cannabis report feeling happier and stress-free.  Studies have shown Ashwagandha and marijuana are comparable to the pharmaceutical drugs Ativan, an anti-anxiety drug, and Trofanil, an antidepressant.  The research concluded that Ashwagandha and cannabis have the potential for being a mood-stabilizer.  Without marijuana and used alone, Ashwagandha is known to help with difficulties with concentration, fatigue, and lack of energy.


Just about everyone knows Lavender is a natural sleep aid.  Marijuana and lavender — even better.  This is because both herbs contain terpene linalool, an aroma molecule.  The THC in marijuana, when combined with linalool, can be a natural muscle relaxant.  On the other hand, CBD in cannabis and linalool can boost anticonvulsant properties, which is exceptional for epilepsy.  Finally, the combination of the two herbs can help with pain — a combination that can be specifically used for fibromyalgia.  For pain, it’s best to use a marijuana and lavender infused oil, edible or tea.



Rosemary, marijuana, and black pepper — what a mix — can be used to help immune function and inflammation.  It’s also been found to help depression and anxiety.  Finally, when rosemary and black pepper are combined with cannabis CBD, people with addictions can benefit.

St. John’s Wort

When marijuana and St. John’s Wort are combined, there are exceptional healing properties for depression — more so than prescription drugs.  This was found in a study that not only proved to work for depression better than pharmaceuticals, but also the combination had fewer side effects.  Keep in mind, though, that St. John’s Wort can interact with medications so check with your doctor before trying this herbal remedy.

Holy Basil

Let’s face it.  Stress is a killer.  It can affect every bit of your health in both physical and mental ways.  But, Holy Basil infused with marijuana is a great stress-killer.  Acne is another medical issue that can be resolved with Holy Basil and marijuana.  When used as an oil topical, the combination is highly beneficial.  It’s also known to be an anti-diabetic.

Please keep in mind that all of these natural remedies need to be discussed with your doctor prior to using them.  Consult with both your doctor and herbalist to find what will work or not work for you.  Finally, if you want to learn more about natural herbs and cannabis combos, going online is the perfect place to start.

Ailments and illnesses that benefit from a combination of natural herbs and marijuana are common in most people.  Five natural remedies are available that actually work with cannabis to produce the desired health benefits.  This could change the way we view medicine.

Khalid Irfan


Khalid Irfan is an independent writer and an editorial consultant in the health and fitness industries. Currently, he is a contributing writer at The Complete Herbal Guide.



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