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6 Facts Related to Medical Marijuana

Marijuana is prepared from dried leaves, stems, fruits, and flowers of the Cannabis plant. Also known with other names such as Pot or Weed, marijuana is the most widely used illicit drug around the globe. Consumption and sale of marijuana are legal in Canada and Uruguay. It is also legal in several states of the US. The ongoing debate regarding the complete legalization of this drug has opened a widespread debate about the potential benefits of medical marijuana as well as some health hazards connected with its consumption. A group of people supports its complete legalization and open use, while other groups want their users to be limited and controlled. Against this background, the article below discusses a few facts related to medical Marijuana. Chemicals present in marijuana and their...

General Disadvantages of Marijuana

General Disadvantages of Marijuana (Including Infographic)

Marijuana is the most consumed illegal substance on the planet. According to data from the industry, hashish, as it is called, is smoked by around 183 million people around the world. Some may find this fact disheartening, and even more so if one takes into account that the average age of onset is only 15 years. Consuming this substance so early can have irreversible consequences. A recent study from King's College London, Duke University (United States), and the University of Otago (New Zealand) has concluded that smoking joints in adolescence affects brain development and impairs long-term intellectual abilities. In both young people and adults, most of the damage induced by cannabis is associated with the brain; however, it is not the only region of our body that suffers...