How to Fix Leaky Gut Syndrome the Natural Way

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Treating Leaky Gut Syndrome the Natural Way

How to Fix Leaky Gut Syndrome the Natural Way

The leaky gut syndrome is associated with numerous disorders and conditions pertaining to autoimmune diseases (a disease that causes the body immune system to attack uninfected cells). The origin of leaky gut is due to the release of a protein called Zonulin, which is responsible for ruptures in the intestinal lining. Consequently, undigested food particles, such as toxins, microbes etc. are released into the bloodstream and cause a number of detrimental health effects.

Causes leading up to leaky gut

Leaky gut is often the result of a number of different causes and conditions.  Here is a list of some of them:

  • Parasitic and/or fungal growth in the body
  • Medical drug overdose
  • Allergies
  • Excessive smoking and alcohol intake
  • Heart strain
  • Genetic defects

Natural treatments for leaky gut

A number of effective treatment procedures to get relief from the leaky gut syndrome persist, from medications to surgical procedures, etc. But perhaps the most cost-effective, and the body-friendly way to treat for leaky gut is the natural healing process for leaky gut conditions, free from medications and surgeries. Some common and effective treatments for leaky gut are:

Intake of Omega-3 fatty acid-rich food

Omega 3 fatty acids are known to be an effective way of treating leaky gut syndromes. They manufacture compounds that mitigate intestinal inflammation and also seal up tears in the intestine lining.  

Cutting down on stress levels

Mental stress is known to be a primary cause of the leaky gut syndrome. Due to its detrimental effect on the mind, body functionalities are drastically impaired. Therefore it is vital to diminish stress build-up. Why not take some time off your work and inhale a breath of fresh air outside, or lie down and relax while listening to some soothing tracks. After all, health comes first.

Perform breathing exercises before and after every meal

Exhaling and inhaling exercises help improve the blood flow and aid in the digestion process, which mitigates the negative effects of leaky gut. Additionally, it also reduces stress levels, which is vital in keeping leaky gut in check.

Avoid excessive cardiac workout

Cardiac workouts are undoubtedly highly beneficial in improving body stamina. But it also strains the heart. This temporarily causes disruptions in the blood flow and hampers digestion, which adds to the growth of leaky gut.

Chalking out a thorough dietary plan

Maintaining a healthy diet is essential in treating and healing leaky gut. This is why, it is recommended for the patient to list out a dietary plan, listing the food to intake, and to avoid eating. Stating the nutrition value of the food is also helpful in this case.

Taking probiotic supplements

Along with Omega-3 fatty acids, probiotic supplements are another form of nutrient that is instrumental in leaky gut treatment. In addition to clearing all traces of infection in the gut, it repairs the damaged lining and controls inflammation. Therefore, probiotic-rich food such as green leafy vegetables and yogurt is highly recommended to be taken.   

Getting plenty of rest and sleep

Rest and relaxation help ease the mind and subsequently lower body stress dramatically. Whether it is lounging on the sofa, or sleeping in your bedroom, ensuring adequate rest and sleep is a vital aspect of leaky gut treatment.

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