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The Bold Collection

The Bold Collection: BODY BUTTER moisture stick

“An amazing moisturizing stick that will deeply moisture and comfort dry skin.  If you care about the way your skin is feels or if you want more youthful skin then you may want to consider MIG’s BODY BUTTER moisture stick,  Use in once in the shower or bath and you won’t need lotion for the rest of the day.  This moisturizing stick leaves your skin smooth and silky all day long.”

BODY BUTTER moisture stick

Every minute each day, our skin on our bodies is open to the elements of nature that can cause us to age quicker than we are intended to age.  In order to maintain beautiful, youthful skin you need to learn how to care for your skin the right way using the right products.    Too many moisturizing products on the market contain hazardous ingredients such as parabens, synthetic fragrances, and petroleum-based ingredients that dry, irritate and damage the skin.

MIG BODY BUTTER is a body moisturizing stick that you use after your bath or shower. It is whipped to provide lighter and easier application. It glides easily onto your body and it provides intense, long-lasting moisturizing for your skin. There are many types of body butter on the market but at The Complete Herbal Guide, we recommend MIG BODY BUTTER because it is natural and free of harsh chemicals.

MIG BODY BUTTER stresses the importance of moisturizing with body butter, so I did my own research to find out why it is different than lotion.

How is body butter different from lotion?   The answer lies in the ingredients and composition. By definition, lotions contain water.  Some lotions contain up to 70% water. While we all understand that our bodies need water, we know that if we just spread water on our skin, dryness follows shortly thereafter. Lotion tries to minimize this by adding in moisturizing agents and other ingredients. But our skin knows the difference and all too often the lotion wears off quickly and leaving us embarrassed by dry skin.   The body butter is composed primarily of oils and butter. Many of these natural oils and butter can penetrate the surface of the skin to help nourish and condition skin. The result is skin that is visibly smoother and silky soft. When included in your daily skin care regime, there simply is no comparison.   MIG BODY BUTTER moisturizing stick has all the natural ingredients you need to make your skin feel silky and soft all day long.

The reviewer’s thoughts on the product When I went on MIG’s skincare website it was on a site that offered a lot of products used to improve the look and feel of your skin.  I was very impressed with the products I saw on their website and I was very impressed that MIG BODY BUTTER moisturizing stick contained natural ingredients, free of synthetic fragrances, preservatives, colors, and GMOs.

Since using MIG BODY BUTTER moisturizing stick, I noticed an astonishing improvement in my skin. My body is not dry, any more and my skin became softer and more radiant looking.   I use it daily after showering.  You get the best results after showering when your pores and skin are the most receptive to moisturizing and conditioning agents. It provides my skin with deep moisturizing and gives it a smooth and silky feeling. What I liked best is that this product does not give you a greasy or oiling feeling afterward.

When using MIG BODY BUTTER moisturizing stick, every day, I am taking care of my skin, and reaping from all of its benefits (increased in skin softness and more youthful appearance).   I was satisfied with the quality and results of this body butter moisturizing stick.  I recommend MIG BODY BUTTER moisturizing stick to others.

~ Reviewed by Stacey Chillemi

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