Stiper Therapy: Acupuncture without needles

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Stiper Therapy: Acupuncture without needles

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“A New Alternative to Acupuncture”

So, you’re multitasking like a fiend, operating to the maximum at home and at work, completely wired, achy and exhausted. You’re probably wondering how you’re going to make it to the end of the week. It doesn’t have to be.

If you’re in need of balance in your life consider Stiper Therapy for health, well-being, beauty, relaxation, and energy.  It’s Acupuncture without needles.

What is Stiper Therapy?

Stiper Therapy

Stiper Therapy conveys information to specific areas of the body much as acupuncture needles do.

Stiper Therapy is easy to learn as you follow acupuncture formulas for all types of physical and emotional imbalances.  The Stipers are small crystallized silicon discs (quartz) that are used to heal the body through the transmission of their vibrational charge, they have a special crystal-clear structure and are bio-resonators of external Qi.  Therefore, they rebalance and restore energy quickly and effectively.  You notice the difference immediately.

How it works

 Stipers balance energy so therefore can treat all kinds of imbalances – chronic pain, muscle and joint pain, which they ease immediately and their ongoing action will then gradually improve the chronic condition.  Stipers also treat emotional issues – depression, stress, worry, insomnia, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, eating disorders, aids weight loss, water retention, menstrual problems, asthma, vertigo, and migraines.

Each crystallized silicon discs (quartz) is targeted for a specific area.  The crystallized silicon discs (quartz) focuses on a specific area of the body, with affecting the rest of the body providing that part of the body with the nutrients it is lacking so the body can balance and function to its optimum capacity.

When you feel wired, pain, have anxiety or you’re just tired, you cannot function to your ability or capacity.  This causes people from doing what they love most and often leads to sadness, anger, and depression.  This is why you need to find a healthy solution to balance your body without harming your body.


It’s also is an anti-aging agent that can help reduce wrinkles. This fabulous and easy treatment works wonders!  Instantly improving your face making you look radiant!

This treatment visibly relaxes your face, releases tensions, tightens your face – lifts hooded eyes and sagginess around the jawline and reduces wrinkles.

Stiper facial works energetically throughout the body it is also able to improve the appearance of lines and wrinkles by increasing the production of collagen.  This result is achieved through the placement of the Stipers which help improve the circulation and help the body rejuvenate at a deep level.

The Stiper balances the energy meridian just like regular acupuncture. The main difference between Stipers and needles are that the Stipers act in an intelligent way, dispersing or toning up when it is necessary.

Why I like Stiper Therapy

Stiper Therapy

It is a therapy that is easy to learn as you follow acupuncture formulas taught online – for all types of physical and emotional imbalances including anti-aging.  The Stipers are small crystallized silicon discs that are used to heal the body through the transmission of their vibrational charge, they have a special crystal-clear structure and are bio-resonators of qi.  Therefore, they balance and restore energy quickly and effectively.  I noticed the difference immediately. It also had astonishing results on my skin.

You can even combine it by adding a few drops of homeopathy, herbal medicine, flowers of sound, which I did and it was super relaxing during the process and afterward I felt an increase of energy.

It helps me decrease the pain in my neck after a few treatments too.

As an author of the book, “The Complete Herbal Guide: A Natural Approach to Healing the Body – Heal Your Body Naturally and Maintain Optimal Health Using Alternative Medicine, Herbals, Vitamins, Fruits and Vegetables, I found Stiper Therapy to be very beneficial.”

It came quickly, packaged well and I recommend it to others.  I will continue to buy Stiper Therapy.  I was highly impressed with the product.

~ Reviewed by Stacey Chillemi

The Complete Herbal Guide Team

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