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Rosacea and Hormones

Rosacea (which is more common in women than men, by the way) is typically marked by broken capillaries, facial flushing, and pimples. It can show up well into adulthood, even if you've never had it before, thanks to the hormonal changes you go through as you inch toward menopause. "Doctors have noticed that later-in-life rosacea tends to show up right around the same time our hormone levels begin to fluctuate—between the ages of 35 and 51." To help regulate hormones, experts in the medical community suggest eating foods that promote liver detoxification:  cruciferous veggies, onions, garlic, and beets. "When we improve liver detoxification pathways, we can improve hormone metabolism, which then helps balance what might be out of whack." Here are 14 Liver Cleansing Foods: 1. Garlic Just a...

3 Simple Steps To Activate Your FAT Burning Hormones & Start Burning The Pounds Off

3 Simple Steps To Activate Your FAT Burning Hormones & Start Burning The Pounds Off

Stop consuming all sugar. Eat a lot of vegetables with beans. Juicing vegetables every day also helps but without the fiber, it is not as cleansing as fresh veggies. Use only vegetable protein, reduce carbs and add healthy oil/fat. Eat less (3 small meals) and stick to a tight eating schedule. Don't eat anything after 7 pm. Add some light-weight training or juice fast. How To Activate Fat Burning Hormones? If you remove all foods high in sugar, starchy veggies, sweet fruits especially juice, snacking, and half of your carbs especially grains and rice, and then work out with light weights for 30 minutes every other day, the body will build new muscle from the protein and burn fat for energy for the next 12-48 hours after...

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