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Review: My Hormones- A simple guide to better and longer living


A simple guide to better and longer living Author: Mark Weis, MD & Douglas Ginter

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Also available as a paperback, audible, kindle, and e-book; ISBN: 978-1492832973, 122 pages


I found this book to be very informative and motivational. Packed with informative information about understanding the vital role that our hormones play in our bodies and how balancing our hormones change the way we look, feel, think and act.

Mark Weis, MD, and Douglas Ginter’s book, “My Hormones,” gave me insights into understanding the important functions of our hormones.  The book also teaches you how we can heal many of the health problems we encounter by balancing our hormones.

The book begins by telling you a story about one of Dr. Weis’s patients. He explains how his patient’s health suddenly began to change and quickly worsen as time lingered on.  It got to the point where it was affecting this gentleman’s entire household.

Many doctors wanted to throw prescriptions left and right at him, but none of these medications were helping.  This was because it was not the proper diagnosis or medication.  The problem was his hormones and once his hormones were balanced, his life did a 360 and this man finally was able to feel like he did before the problem occurred.

I like how the authors began the book with a personal story.  The story was a common scenario that many people experience in their 40’s 50’s and 60’s.  It gave you a clear understanding of how our imbalanced hormones can dramatically affect our lives.  It made you feel like you are not alone.  Millions suffer from similar problems.

Also, millions of people walk around with medical problems taking unnecessary medications that harm the body and do not actually fix the medical problems they are experiencing.

However, if they understood the functions of our hormones and went to a hormone therapist to get a blood test to see what hormones they are lacking then they could naturally fix the problem in a short period of time doing it naturally without toxic medications that in time can damage the body.

Mark Weis, MD, and Douglas Ginter natural, holistic approach helped me realize that WE control our bodies. We can change the way we look and feel by providing our bodies with natural hormones, vitamins, and healthy foods and by strengthening our body through exercise too.   We do not need to rely on pills.  We need to rely on ourselves.

As you continue reading, Mark Weis, MD, and Douglas Ginter simply go over all of our body’s hormones.  The book explains the functions of each hormone in our body.  Then it goes over the common medical problems, which can occur when we are lacking these hormones in our body.  Anyone can understand this book.  The book is not full of complicated medical terminology where the content goes over your head.  It is written in a simple format, so anyone can understand it.

I loved this book because I had imbalanced hormones when I started going through perimenopause and I experienced so many changes in my body.  I went to a hormone therapist.  They did blood work.  They found out what hormones and vitamins I was lacking.  I started taking the hormones and vitamins he prescribed for me.  I continued to exercise and eat healthily and in three months, I noticed a traumatic difference in the way I was feeling, and in about 7 or 8 months I felt like I was in my late twenties, earlier thirties.  I felt like a new person.

This book was great because I already know a lot about hormones, but this book taught me a lot I didn’t know.  It was short, simple, but very detailed, containing important information that can help you on your journey toward recovery.  If others including myself had success, I am sure many others will too if they follow their advice.  I am keeping this book, My Hormones by my bedside, so I refer to it when needed.

I enjoyed how the book provides you with the stepping-stones and techniques to prevent, treat, and overcome medical problems the natural way.  Mark Weis, MD, and Douglas Ginter the authors provide the reader with extraordinary tools and techniques that help you regain your old self back.    You may even end up with a better model than you started with…!

Mark Weis, MD, and Douglas Ginter worked as a team, to create a book that will help millions of people. I proudly can say, “This book has helped me”.

Mark Weis, MD, and Douglas Ginter’s book is an excellent book to help treat hormone imbalances in the body.  It is packed with phenomenal advice. I found this book to be informative, motivating, and was enjoyable to read. This book may be just what the doctor ordered for anyone who has a quest to stay healthy and maintain optimum health.  I recommend this book to others.  


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