8 Easiest Exercises at Home for Men

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8 Easiest Exercises at Home for Men

8 Easiest Exercises at Home for Men

Are you a novice who is prepping up for the “bigger” exercises? Do you find heading to a gym a total drag? If you’re a neophyte who responds to these questions especially affirmative, then you might have already been suggested or have made up your mind to do your workout at home. You’ll find that this option is highly tempting as virtually all these activities can now be done right in the very confines of your home. And if you factor in your budget and the time you’d be saving, then selecting this alternative is a no-brainer.

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But which exercises, do you ask? Fair enough, there are just those exercises that are either too intense to be performed at home or are just plainly undoable. Today, I’ll be revealing some of the at-home exercises for men and the accompanying reasons why they are doable, either right at your garage gym or without any equipment.


One of the most necessary workout activities you must muster while you’re still a rookie, this exercise should prep you up on the progression of the more pressing shoulder exercises you’d be conducting when you finally perform in a gym. Meanwhile, this particular move utilizes many muscle groups for optimal growth and should beef up your join on your shoulders.


Another shoulder-forming exercise, this move is deemed to be safer than having to lift it from behind your neck. If you’re a beginner, your goal is to prevent that strain of the joints as you safeguard them against that injury that is known as “shoulder impingement syndrome.” Also, make certain that you don’t miss sessions right in this stage of your lifting career as its repercussion can be costly.


The third shoulder-boosting exercise is famed for its ultra-simple procedure. The easy-to-follow regimen can hit your shoulder stabilizers, along with upper traps, and front deltoids when done correctly. Meanwhile, it also speeds up your grip strength, as it transfers the power right onto your other lifts as well.


Skipping a calf-toning exercise is frowned upon during your leg day session. Ensure that you include this into your workout exercises right at home as you would in the gym to make certain that your legs are hit. Remember that your skills are the ones at a beginner’s stage, not your attitude.


Are you one of those who delight mirror muscles? With just a pair of dumbbells and a disciplined following of the procedure, you should be able to hit your whole bicep for optimal growth. Just keep those upper arms static so you’d benefit from it strongly!


The quintessential upper leg exercise that activates your glutes, quads, and hamstrings is also low-impact. This ensures that the potential knee injuries are prevented despite it being an explosive exercise. So if you want to treat your upper leg muscles with much aplomb single-handedly, this should be your go-to routine.


This entire list will have been futile if it’s without the much-preferred planking. Planking won’t put pressure on your spine and provide you distended abs as a set of interminable crunches would; it should be suitable when you’re gunning for a well-cultivated form on your core. Ultimately, planks are injury-free and serve as the fastest way to get that six-pack!


Another core-sculpting exercise is the leg drop. It sets your core and prevents your pelvis from moving; as a result, it activates your body’s rectus abdominous muscles or otherwise known as your internal six-pack. If you’ve gone tired of performing sit-ups and looking for an alternative, leg-drops are a suitable option.


The list could go on further if need be, but as far as the easiest exercises for the beginners at home are considered, the collection of routines above is just about the ones that you need. As easy as they sound, they must be performed routinely with an ounce of discipline and consistency, so the results are optimized in the end. Remember that any exercise, if rendered poorly, is all bound to flounder.




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