Natural Remedies for Heavy Menstruation

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Natural Remedies for Heavy Menstruation

Nutrition & Healing – Heavy Menstruation

By Dr. Jonathan V. Wright

If you’re having overly heavy menstrual periods, it’s almost always possible to reduce bleeding to normal without the use of drugs or surgery. Of course, it’s necessary to have a check-up with your doctor or gynecologist first to make sure there’s nothing to be found the matter except for the heavy bleeding.

If nothing else can be found the “mainstream” medical treatment is usually limited to prescriptions for birth control pills, or recommendation for surgery, usually a “d & c”.   Nutritional treatment starts with vitamin A, which can help by improving internal secretion of estrogen by the ovaries. I usually recommend 75,000 units daily for three weeks, after which quantities can be reduced gradually towards 25,000 unit daily maintenance dose.

Whenever vitamin A is ended, vitamin E should be taken, also, to prevent an overly rapid breakdown of the vitamin A. I usually recommend 400 units of vitamin E daily. Flavonoids help control heavy menstrual bleeding by strengthening small blood vessels and capillaries.

To start, I usually recommend 1000 milligrams of citrus flavonoids, twice daily, along with an equivalent amount of vitamin C. Once heavy bleeding is controlled, these quantities can be cut back to a maintenance level of 500 milligrams flavonoids and 1000 milligrams of vitamin C daily.

Improvement of low iron levels can also improve overly heavy menstrual bleeding. Before starting to use more than a few milligrams of iron daily, please have a test done. Usually measurement of “serum ferritin”, a major iron storage protein is best. It’s quite possible for this to be low even if you’re not anemic. If serum ferritin is low, then I usually end 30 to 60 milligrams of iron daily. Iron should be taken with vitamin C for best absorption and definitely not at the same time with vitamins A or E.   Whenever individual nutrients are taken, it’s always wisest to use a general vitamin-mineral supplement daily as a “back-up”.

Some women who have overly heavy menstrual bleeding are helped with small quantities of natural thyroid even though routine blood tests are said to be normal. This possibility requires careful investigation by a doctor.

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