Women Need a Lot of Testosterone

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Women Need a Lot of Testosterone

Women Need a Lot of Testosterone

You may think it’s just a male hormone, but testosterone is also a female hormone. A woman’s ovaries secrete a small amount of it throughout her life and it also decreases when she reaches menopause. Your overall health depends on it so you should be aware of its role.

Estrogen and testosterone are sex hormones produced by the human body. After menopause, a woman’s body produces fewer hormones, but she still needs testosterone, and a supplement can greatly improve her quality of life.

Hormones play a key role in overall health

These chemicals are produced naturally in our bodies. However, when a woman loses her natural supply, she can benefit greatly from testosterone replacement. Just insist that you get a natural version in the form of a patch, gel, or pill. Do not use any of the patented, artificial forms.

In addition to sexual reproduction, the benefits include a better sense of health and bone density. During menopause, many women experience low libido. When women reach the “life-changing” stage, many of the previous hormones in their bodies are depleted.

Decreased estrogen during menopause has been linked to a decrease in sexual interest in postmenopausal women. According to an article on CNN, the testosterone patch has improved the lives of many women. The patch, which was an artificial form, increased the incidence of “satisfactory sexual activity” for women on it.

One of the few side effects was unwanted hair growth, but no woman stopped using the patch for that reason.

Natural Remedies for Depression

If you are depressed, you may have low testosterone levels. The University of West Virginia reviewed seven studies involving a total of 364 people. The results show that testosterone has improved the symptoms of depression. It was interesting to note that a testosterone gel was more helpful and an injection. In addition to increasing libido, testosterone also enhances women’s sense of well-being.

Natural testosterone, which is available with a prescription from a compounding pharmacist, can also reduce vaginal dryness and increase bone density. In menopause, the natural rate of testosterone in women can drop by 1/3 or more. Osteoporosis is another risk factor for postmenopausal women. Osteoporosis can easily lead to fractures.

Adding testosterone to a patch or gel helps prevent bone loss. With very few side effects, the benefits of extra testosterone are obvious. Women who are unsure whether their hormone levels are adequate should have a saliva or blood test to determine the amount before hormone therapy.

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