How Herbalife Nutrition Received #1 Ranking in Weight Management and Wellbeing

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Herbalife Nutrition

How Herbalife Nutrition Received #1 Ranking in Weight Management and Wellbeing

For the last four decades, Herbalife Nutrition has been on a mission to improve the health and wellbeing of people around the globe by offering high-quality, science-backed nutritional products. It has become the top nutrition company in the world, with products being used by athletes and workout enthusiasts of all levels, including some of the greatest professional sportsmen.

Herbalife Nutrition was recently named by Euromonitor International as the #1 nutrition company in weight management and wellbeing. Euromonitor International is one of the most comprehensive market research firms in the world.

The CEO and Chairman of Herbalife Nutrition, John Agwunobi, shared his delight and gratitude in receiving this recognition by Euromonitor.  Agwunobi looks forward to continuing the mission of Herbalife Nutrition to making a lasting difference in the health and wellness of consumers around the globe.

Quality From Seed to Feed

Great products can only be created if high-quality ingredients are used in the product. Herbs and botanicals are key to the efficacy and safety of Herbalife products. At Herbalife Nutrition, there is great emphasis on ensuring high-quality processes.

There is a company initiative called the Seed to Feed program that ensures the purity, quality, safety, and consistency of the ingredients used in the Herbalife products.

Herbalife Nutrition uses strict quality control procedures, innovative technologies, and continuous monitoring of its supply chain to ensure the development of the highest quality nutritional products.

Science-Backed Products

One of the key differentiating factors for Herbalife has been its investment in research and development for product development. Each product by Herbalife is formulated to deliver optimized nutritional support for unique fitness and health goals. Herbalife has a team of over 300 highly qualified scientists to continue making great strides in research and development for nutritional products.

The diverse portfolio of science-backed products by Herbalife includes signature products of Formula 1 and Herblife24 product line. They have received several awards and recognition around the globe for several product categories. Awards include the 2020 Product of the Year in Russia, 2021 Golden Product for Public Health in Vietnam, 2020 Empathy Award in Korea, and more.

Corporate Social Responsibility  

Herbalife Nutrition employs various corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives to empower and improve vulnerable communities around the world. Global issues such as food insecurity, hunger, and malnutrition affect billions of people.

Through its initiates such as the Nutrition for Zero Hunger campaign and partnerships with non-profit organizations, Herbalife Nutrition continues to leave a lasting social and economic impact for several communities in the world. The Nutrition for Zero Hunger in 2019 reached 114 million and included over 800,000 Herbalife products donated.

Who Is the #1 Nutrition Company?

It’s more than just revenue that defines the top nutrition company in the world. Although Herbalife Nutrition sold over 5.3 million protein shakes in 2020 with over $5.5 billion in net sales, it is the commitment of Herbalife Nutrition to improve the health and nutritional habits of the people throughout the globe that makes it the #1 nutrition company in the world.

It has employed over 10,000 employees and has independent distributors in over 90 countries. Herbalife uses a direct selling model, which allows the distributors to have the freedom to use their entrepreneurial skills. The network of support offered by Herbalife to its distributors includes training in how to connect and communicate to the customers while upholding the high standards and ethics of Herbalife Nutrition.

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