How to Have Better Sex, More Often: 10 Tips Every Couple Should Try

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How to Have Better Sex, More Often: 10 Tips Every Couple Should Try

How to Have Better Sex, More Often: 10 Tips Every Couple Should Try

If you want to know how to have more sex in a relationship, then you are not alone. All of us want to enjoy it and have fun, but it can be difficult to achieve that. More often than not, it takes some trial and error and some good intimacy tips to solve this issue. This is where these 10 tips come into play.

Start doing yoga or go dancing

These will help affirm your connection with the body and your partner’s body as well. It’s one of those things that can help you figure out how to be more sexually intimate with your partner. And while some trial and error is needed, this sets you on the right path.

Try out some new experiences

Escape rooms, amusement park rides, anything that’s a new experience can actually push the boundaries and reignite the flame. Try out new stuff, and it will encourage you to do that in bed as well. It’s a nifty idea and it works very well.

Talk about your sexual preferences

Even if it doesn’t seem like a lot, such a discussion will help both of you. This helps you figure out how to have more sex in a relationship. Plus, you are open and show what you like and what you dislike, which is great.

Seek some sex classes

There are all kinds of sex classes that teach you about sex techniques, positions, toys that you can use, and so on. This type of class is really handy, and it can definitely be helpful when you have little to no sex.

Travel with your loved one

Going away from your work and the city you live in can also help. It shows how to be more sexually intimate with your partner, while also encouraging you to have more sex. It’s a cool idea and it works very nicely.

Watch some movies at home

This is one of the cool intimacy tips that really work. There’s a reason why the saying Netflix and Chill exists. When you watch movies together, this encourages you to touch one another, and from here to having sex can be really exciting.

Do some kegel exercises

Both men and women can do these exercises, and they can be pretty helpful. They will boost your pelvic floor and they do lead to better sex. You will enjoy this experience more than you might imagine, and it just leads to a more engaging and rewarding experience in the end.

Schedule some intimate time

If you’re both very busy, a good way on how to have more sex in a relationship is to schedule intimate time. This is a clever idea, and it just pushes the experience to the next level. It’s exciting and it definitely brings in a whole lot of success.

Prioritize your intimacy

You need to be intimate with each other as much as you can. This will eventually lead to sex, so that’s certainly something to take into consideration. Prioritizing your intimacy will not be easy, but it will bring great success.

Avoid rushing the foreplay

For a lot of people, foreplay is very exciting and they enjoy it more than the adjacent sexual experience. This is why you want to avoid any rush when it comes to foreplay. It will help you put things into perspective, and the outcome can be much better in the end.

As you can see, figuring out how to have more sex in a relationship is not that challenging, if you know what to do. These tips and tricks can help a lot, and they will convey some incredible results. All you need is to make the most out of this opportunity and cherish it as much as possible. The potential can be staggering in the end!

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